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green_meeting+places.png Shatlantis City

Old render of the dome

Owner snakyman
Contributors Edelstadt mk59apr ickyacky BenjaminBsuper AdoreKitten
Category Meeting Places
Underground? No (Underwater)
Public? Public access
Started January 2018
Coordinates X=-9085
Dimension Overworld
Settlement Snaketown
Map Link BenjaminBsuper: It’s shatlantis, what did you expect? Lol ickyacky: shatlantis is forever in mine heart

Shatlantis is a complex of buildings located in the ocean underneath Snaketown. Named for its central dome looking like it was covered in shit when being built, and it being underwater like Atlantis, it earned the name Shatlantis. It consists of lots of Meeting Centers, and was designed and is ran by snakyman. It was made to be the 2nd headquarters of BenEm, and is now the capital of the United States of Bedrocco, and was heavily modified after it was designated for it. It was further expanded in March 2022 to make the complex an underwater city, more than just meeting halls. It consists of the following rooms:

Snaketown Undercity

Wiki will be expanded upon later. Undercity of buildings connected by tunnels around the underneath of Snaketown and intertwined with the Shatlantis complex.

Shatlantis Tower

Houses Spruce, Cobble, and Stone autofarms. This is the best way to enter the complex. Across from the old Shatlantis entrance and connected to the Undercity.

Freedonia General Assembly

The Freedonia General Assembly (or FGA in short) is a big assembly hall in Snaketown for the leaders of Freedonia. It is managed by snakyman and the Benjamese Empire, and was built from October 6 2018 to October 11 2018. This is likely the largest capacity room in Freedonia, with over 200 seats, and other spectator areas. It is also easily the largest room in the complex. It was renovated in May 2020.


The FGA consists of a huge tribune that looks out on a large stage under a glass dome. This glass dome contains artwork of the logo of Freedonia, and sits above the stage, which is designed like the imperial logo. The seating capacity of the main room is over 200.
The FGA is an extension of Shatlantis, the older BenEm Meeting Center. However, Shatlantis is built mainly for BenEm, whereas the FGA is built for assemblies of the entirety of Freedonia.

Circle Meeting Room

Located under the stage and dome, lies the Circle Meeting room. Like BenEm Meeting Center's Waluigi meeting room, this is intended for smaller gatherings. Unlike the Waluigi Meeting Room, it is mostly for Peaceful Society Meetings, while the Waluigi room is for BenEm meetings.

Peaceful Society HQ3

Located at the west part of the building, under and behind the stage and viewing areas, lies the Peaceful Society HQ3. It has meeting rooms and offices, and is the largest HQ for the organization.

Angry Society HQ

A small HQ for the Angry Society, the opposite of the Peaceful Society.

BenEm Meeting Center

The BenEm Meeting Center, now the Imperial capital, is a the underwater part of the complex in Snaketown that was used for BenEm. It earned the name Shatlantis because BenEm is governed by BenjaminBsuper who has IBS (also because when making the dome it looked like there was poop all over it). This is a meeting center/Second Headquarters of the Benjamese Empire. It features public restrooms.

The Waluigi Meeting Room

The Waluigi Meeting Room is the east wing of the complex, and is a mid-sized meeting room. It is surrounded by paintings and has a skylight over the table.

Common Room

This part of the center of the complex where everything is connected. It is an underwater dome with trees & benches in it.

Employee Housing

This is the north wing of the complex and the entrance. The entrance is down a ladder of Cow Street in Snaketown. The ladder puts you into the main hallway of this wing. The second floor has since been demolished, and is no longer used as rooms for the BenEm Leaders. It is now for embassies on the lower floor, and the second floor is the Imperial Throne Room.

Imperial Offices

2 years after the building was first built for BenEm, the long awaited west wing was finally built. It was originally supposed to be a lounge, but there was a need for offices for the United States of Bedrocco was founded. This is the first wing of the building to be fully made with imperial architecture, and made after BenEm.. The ground floor was then renovated in 2022 to widen the hallways and make them nicer, and connect them to more tunnels added on.


thank you to mk59apr for help clearing water and donating some materials :)

Snaketown Square Garden

Snaketown Square Garden, formerly known as Snaketown Arena, is a medium sized arena in Snaketown. It was renovated on April 14th 2019 to have new flooring, a roof, a new entrance to the undercity, and was included in the Shatlantis Complex.