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green_complexes.png Batugus Labs
Batugus Labs1.png

One of the intersections inside the labs

Owner Anna_28 and Pieapple42
Contributors StrangeOne101, Sparticus28, Skullsuth64, Waterboy0048, Zomon333, Super_Ender
Category Complexes
Underground? Yes
Public? Yes
Coordinates X=225
Dimension Overworld
Settlement Batugus
Map link
A view down one of the many tunnels inside the labs.
Item destroyer (mainly used to burn cobblestone), this was one of the first things built here.
A view looking down in the Batugus Vault.
A view of the vault showing each colored layer.
Vault Looking from the entrance
A view of inside the Batugus Vault, showing many experiments and design tests as well as the new stained glass on each floor.
The Floor of the vault often spawns slimes as it is located in a slime chunk.
A large slime jumping around in the vault.
One of the many things inside the labs...
A Prank from Rufas and Sparticus28 on the Batugus Vault.
Schloz's Death Trap!
A not so harmfull wither tamed by Anna
The ghast fireball inside Batugus_Labs.
The first skull grinder, showing wither skeletons that have fallen down from the grinder into the collection point.
A fully diamond geared pigman standing next the the second skull grinder.
The Wool generator in Batugus Labs, with one pink sheep spawner in the middle :)
A render of the Rainbow glass tunnel connecting the labs to the surface.
Looking down the rainbow glass tunnel to the labs.
The hourly gift hallway.

Batugus Labs is a large underground complex filled with many redstone, craftbook and other types of generators, farms and contraptions. It also has many secret pathways and rooms. Most of the generators in the labs are also public but if you are unsure of one ask Anna. Beware of traps as there are a few of those too :)

Most of the tunnels in the labs are connected to a Dome which have a pathway out to a tunnel or generator on each side. Inside each Dome there is normally a beacon that will give speed to make it easier to get around.

Creation of the Batugus Labs

The Batugus Labs first started when making a mass auto potion brewer after Anna_28 and Pieapple42 had made two others before and wanted to make a even better one.

After making the potion brewer Anna and Pie decided to build more useful generators and farms in the same area and connect them with long maze like tunnels. This was also a great spot to build it as it was under under their first big build Batugus ("under under" because it is under the ground under Batugus, as Batugus is in the sky and the labs are underground).

Things Inside the Labs

Overworld Section

  • Auto/Mass Potion Brewer (note: has a on/off switch).
  • Item Destroyer (put items in the chest and watch them burn), this was one of the first things built here as the amount of cobble from digging the tunnels was filling up too many chests.
  • Small mushroom room. A tiny room filled with a few mushrooms and mycelium.
  • Villager Trading Hall. This is basically just a wall of a room with a bunch of villagers in it, it is hardly ever used as there isn't much use for emeralds.
  • Auto/Mass Item Smelt/Cooker. A small room with chests to place fuel and items to cook, it then puts these items spread out into multiple furnaces to cook them extra fast.
  • Zombie Grinder (likely to be removed or relocated). This is just a small and simple zombie xp grinder which is about 1/4 and turns on when someone gets too close so it most likely going to be moved somewhere else.
  • Semi-Auto Flower/Seed Farm. (note: needs bonemeal) This farm is used by standing on the pressure plate in front of it then holding down rightclick with bonemeal on the grass, yellow and red flowers (because of biome) get collected with seeds in a chest in the wall.
  • Spawner Room. A room with a single spawner in it that can be set to spawn mobs on grass (normally set to mushroomcows).
  • werdnaz's flying mushroomcow room. A locked room which has flying mushroomcows in it made by werdnaz.
  • Auto Cooked Steak and Leather generator.
  • Magic Diamond Block. This block is very very magical, some even say it can teleport or transport you somewhere amazing.
< CaptianNugget> It takes you to a special place thats out of this world
  • theschlozmeister's rainbow tunnel. This is a bit hard to find but pretty cool and fun to use, made by schloz.
  • techkid6's Lounge. A nice relaxing lounge with bright colors and seats.
  • Spider Pit. Pretty much all in the name, it is a pit of normal and poison spiders which you can collect string and spider eyes from.
  • Mailbox Room. A very tiny room with three mailboxes that can be used by people given permission to use them.
  • Public Mail Room. A mailbox which will turn on a light when it has mail in, this is checked every so often by players who can open the chest it sends the mail to. Also includes two anvils and a crafting table.
  • Full Enchanting Room. A enchanting table with enough bookshelves around it to get level 30 enchants.
  • Cooked Chicken Generator. Using only vanilla redstone to power it, it has chickens that lay eggs and then shoot them out to be used and create baby chickens that get cooked after growing up. Currently has a bug which makes it shoot egg items out the hallway behind it.
  • Iron Generator. A chest connected to a hopper line that goes up to the surface and collects iron from the single iron farm above.
  • Music Room. A room where all the unused and extra music discs get sorted into, also has a switch that turns music on/off.
  • Bedroom. This is a room, with beds in it. Also has two normal chests and a enderchest to put things in. It is a good idea to set your spawn here in case you die.
  • Wither Cage. Currently has no real wither in it, but it once had a real wither inside it. The wither kept breaking out though as they can break blocks. After 6 Withers breaking out and even blowing up the cooked chicken generator the wither was replaced by a fake wither made of blocks.
  • Nether Portal Room. A small part off the side of a dome room with two nether portals in it, both go to the same portal in the nether section of Batugus Labs.
  • The Batugus Vault. This is the main chest room. With 960 chests inside it. It is sorted into 10 layers that are shown in the entrance. This vault also has the Batugus Symbol on the floor, which is a iron pickaxe on top of a enderpearl. Many experiments and designs can be found on the floor in here.
  • Overworld Simulation Sphere. This is a sphere which simulates the overworld (normal world) underground, a nice spot where you can sometimes find a Anna fishing or jumping around in it.
  • Snowy Simulation Sphere. This is a sphere which simulates a snowy area.
  • Nether Simulation Sphere. Similar to the overworld sphere, but made of netherrack and on fire.
  • End Simulation Sphere. A sphere of darkness with a small end island at the bottom.
  • Desert Simulation Sphere. This is a sphere which simulates a desert.
  • Vine Farm. In this room vines hang down from the roof and can be sheared, you can get up to 48 vines each time you collect them. Just don't collect the vines in the roof or it won't regrow.
  • Netherwart Farm. A room with soulsand and auto-replanting netherwarts, you can get over a stack of netherwart from harvesting this when it is fully grown.
  • Sugarcane Farm. A room with grass, water, and sugarcane to be farmed.
  • Beetroot Farm. A room with auto-replanting beetroot to be farmed.
  • Room 427. Stanley's Office.
  • GLaD0S Room. GLaD0S the potato (also called PotaD0s) is in a picture on the wall of this room. You can also find companion cubes on the floor in here and a nice bed to sleep in.
  • 1.12 Automatic Item Burner. An improved version of the item burner made using observers.
  • Water Room. This room is slightly filled with water, great place to fill up your buckets.
  • Lava Room. Pretty much the same as the water room, but with melting hot lava...
  • Pigmen Police Room. A room full of Pigmen Police.
  • Charcoal Generator. A charcoal generator using craftbook bridges on a group of trees instead of doors.
  • Large Spruce Tree Farm. A automatic farm for harvesting large (2 by 2) spruce trees.
  • Cake room. A room full of cake, where the walls look like cake.
  • Auto Stone and Cobble Generator. Two chests in a wall which fill up with stone and cobble from a cobblestone generator, tree farm, charcoal creator and auto smelter.
  • Semi-Auto Snowball/Snowblock Generator. This room has a snowman in it, you can use a shovel on the snow below him and it will collect and craft the snowballs into snowblocks.
  • Wool Generator. Uses many spawners and a moving grass block to remove sheep and collect the wool into a chest. Works pretty fast and compact.
  • Random Hourly Gift Hallway. A hallway made entirely out of blocks from the hourly gift handout.
  • End Portal Dome. In the center of one of the dome rooms there is an end portal, this was own by Pieapple42 in a game of pigchinko.
  • Large Auto Tree Farm. A pretty large automatic tree farm behind a wall with a chest in it, it only collects oak logs and apples but gets quite a lot of them.
  • Player head hall. This is a very long hallway with mostly donated heads (the players were asked nicely and agreed to donate their head). Above each head is a sign saying who it belongs to. Each head is on a normal or mossy cobblestone wall, mossy means staff or important player. The player who the head belonged to also has their favorite block under the cobblestone wall.
  • Mob Hall. A hall with a few mobs in it, each in a glass box. There is also a fireball in one of the glass boxes.
  • Tour Room. A room with stained glass walls that allows people in the Tour to view Batugus Labs.
  • Transport Tube Station #1. The main station for transport tubes, where players can pick a destination and then jump into the tube to end up at their destination shortly. Saves time trying to navigate the labs to find a certain location. Also connected to the Freedonia Railway System Oriental Line.
< techkid6> I feel like an item
< nambortex> I feel like a villager
  • Sign Room. A room for people to place signs saying they have been here.
  • Rainbow Tunnel Entrance. One of the entrances to the labs, with a giant rainbow glass tunnel connecting it to the surface. Connects to one of tindwcel's roads.
  • Boat Route. Connection to the Great Circle Boat Route boat route.
  • Transport Tube Station #2. The second transport tube station in the labs, connecting to VecxTech Laboratories, a railway between Hellview Castle and Temple Of Supreme Fishiness, and the Freedonia Railway System Lava Town Line.
  • Northern Hallway. Connects to VecxTech Laboratories.
  • Void Room. A room where you stare into darkness and cannot see what is on the other side.
  • Bedrock Room. A room with bedrock wall patterns.
  • SlowRiot Room. A room full of heads from accounts that look similar to SlowRiot's head.

Nether Section

Exit/Entrance Portal. This portal is what takes you from the nether back to the overworld the way you came in. It is located in the middle of a hallway.

  • Skull Grinder V1. This is the first version of the skull grinder, it goes a reasonable speed and uses only a few spawners. It is not the safest grinder though, if you stand in the corners you may get hurt by the skeletons. This grinder can be used for xp, coal, arrows, bones or stone swords.
  • Skull Grinder V2. This is the second version of the skull grinder, much faster and safer with a better and large item sorting and storing system. To spawn the skeletons stand up by the exit portal. The sorting sustem still overflows with stone swords and bones, and sometimes items go into the wrong chests.
  • Skull Grinder V3. (Not complete or ready for use), This is the third version of the Skull Grinder which is not completed yet. The main improvement is the item sorting and storage size, which will be much bigger and better than V2.
  • Item Destroyer. Another item destroyer, this one is mainly used for stone swords and bones from the skull grinders to empty the chests of unwanted items.
  • Milk/Soup/Steak/Leather Farm. This is a small room in a wall where mushroom cows spawn so you can collect milk (to cure any poison if a skeleton somehow hits you) or get steak and leather by killing the cows which respawn.
  • Full Enchanting Room. Pretty normal enchanting room with bookshelves to get up to level 30 enchants.
  • Anvil Wall. Small pillar in a wall with anvils in it, if the bottom one breaks the one above falls down to replace it.
  • StrangeOne101's Tree Farm. This Tree farm is mainly built for speed and is currently incomplete. It is going to use the bones from the second skull grinder to bonemeal saplings, then it collects the wood and leaves off the tree. The leaves are moved and replaced in a piston leaf crusher which quickly turns the leaves into saplings to be replanted.
  • Safe Wither Killer. This uses the bedrock in the roof of the nether to push the wither into a spot where it can't break anything. Please ask before using this as it requires placing blocks and could go wrong and blow things up.
  • StrangeOne101's Large Tree Farm. This Tree farm is up by the third wither skull grinder, it is much larger than the other tree farm.
  • Ice Path to Fort Zeranel. This is a path made by Anna and Zomon which goes straight to Fort Zeranel ( Zomon333's Place). You can use the ice path to get there or from there to the labs very quickly by running and jumping down it.
  • Ladder to the Nether Highway System.. A ladder going up through the nether to below the roof where the Nether Highway System is. The connection can be found on the north tunnel near the very start.

Showcase ScarClaw72 made a video exploring Batugus Labs in his series. The video can be found here


See Also

  • Batugus - A settlement built on floating islands above the labs.
  • The Iron Reef - Some of the larger farms that supply materials for the labs.