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User by_kpan

Hideri Kanzaki

Gender Male
Location East Mexico
Nationality Mexican
DOB 2002-09-19
Occupation Full time Minecraft addict
In Freedonia
First joined December 15, 2021
Donor level *** Iron
View profile and statistics by_kpan (Emperor Kpan I / Augustus Kpan Ma' ) is a full-time Minecraft addict that discovered MinecraftOnline due to camman18's video.

Spanish speaker but he can speak and understand some English. He has a particular building style that he has created in his nearly 10 years of playing Minecraft. He wants to rule all the places he finds pretty.

Settlements and buildings

by_kpan built some settlements in what he knows as Ovis'at, New Amadani islands, New Aleutian Islands and New Ahri Peninsula.