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User CrazyLep

Redesign of Mario skin so it's more similar to real-life me

Known as Lep
Gender Male
Location Russian Far East
Nationality Russian
DOB 2003-12-13
Occupation None (Yet)
In Freedonia
First joined 1 June 2018
Kit level ***** Diamond
Legacy donor level ***** Diamond
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Who is CrazyLep?

CrazyLep is an McO player from Russia. He joined the server at 1st of June, 2018.

CrazyLep has got a youtube channel (there will be probably no more videos) -->

Lep's small house in Aquaton
Lep's AFK skeleton farm in Aquaton
Lep's Big and Pig Islands in Aquaton
BGES2003 and Wulf_359
Lep's statue in Aquaton
Lep's house in Snaketown
Freedoninsk, Lep's town for russians
Tower of Colours in Freedoninsk (FINALLY FINISHED on 30th of April!)
Design of Freedoninsk's Swamp Island
Lep's villa in Logdon
Lep's house in NHCity

How has he found McO?

CrazyLep: "Summer holidays started. I was very happy to be free from school routine. But I realised soon that hoildays can be a routine too. I wanted to play Minecraft but I was bored of Hypixel and Mineplex: I needed a true survival. I remembered russian server Prostocraft but it wasnt really appropriate for me. It reminded me about it founder, russian youtuber Mauzer and its videos. Then, I realised that he made a video about MinecraftOnline a year ago!"

CrazyLep sat down in front of his monitor and run Minecraft. As soon as its menu loaded, he pressed "Multiplayer" button and clicked on "Add a new server", then typed "". He was surprised that the server wasnt updated to 1.12.2. But he wasnt disappointed and, so, he downgraded his Minecraft profile to 1.7.10.

How has he started to play on McO?

CrazyLep logged and realised that he was in a giant room of stone bricks. He thought that spawn should look different but he soon realized that it was just a Rules Hall. Rules were translated to SO many languages that it would take an eternity to come to the Hall's end...

CrazyLep: "I have read the rules and found myself at the tour. To say that I was amazed is to say nothing. Just look at these pixelarts!"

After finishing the tour, he found himself at spawn. He was becoming amazed more and more, more and more... But he didn't see the entrance to Nexus teleport systems. He even didn't know that such ystems exist! Then, he decided to explore the server on minecart - but there was one problem. He didn't have any iron! So, he walked and walked, walwked and walked... While walking, he saw the word "Aquaton" in chat for a couple of times... But he didn't pay attention to it. Finally, he found a place 4000 blocks away from spawn. Then, he logged out and had a good nap, dreaming of that he will build an empire of islands...

At the day after that, 2nd June 2018, CrazyLep logged on McO again. At that time, player DylanheBuilder told to some another player to meet at spawn to lead him to Aquaton. Being interested in what this "Aquaton" is, CrazyLep teleported to spawn too. "I thought that Aquaton is an underwater base", says Crazy. Dylanhe leaded him and that another player to Aquaton through the Nexus and Cosmic City. Crazy was kinda surprised that Aquaton was not an underwater base but he was even MORE surprised that it was founded yesterday, at 1st June 2018!

That's how Aquaton looked when CrazyLep arrived there:

Crazy: "I was glad to join a town but I still wanted to build an empire of islands. So, I swam in a sea near Aquaton and started building an island. It took a while, by the way - three days, as I remember. And it took a ton of sand and dirt... And, while I was building it, Aquaton was becoming bigger. So, I decided to build my own house in it. After building a house, I forgot about an idea of the empire. It was just pontless to have an empire while there is such a wonderful town!"

CrazyLep's first house in Aquaton

After that, there were three weeks of living in Aquaton. Crazy brought many new citizens. Aquaton was getting larger, larger and larger... But people didn't stay there for long. This town is DEAD.

At the moment, CrazyLep owns a town called Freedoninsk. It's a town for all players who can speak russian!

History of play

WARNING: The items before 30th July, 2018 may not be as frequent as the ones that come next. For example, there'll be definitely no information about people invited to Freedoninsk before this date.

1st June, 2018: CrazyLep joins the server for the first time

2nd June, 2018: CrazyLep becomes a citizen of Aqauton

15th June, 2018: CrazyLep buys a diamond donation rank

25th June, 2018: CrazyLep founds his own town and calls it Freedoninsk

30th July, 2018: CrazyLep starts his travel around the server

30th July, 2018: CrazyLep visits Acacia Glade, Acacia Roads, Airhaven, Al sanara, Al'un village, Alkoisland, Amontein, AmpCity, Andac, AnnEon and Anna's Forest

31st July, 2018: CrazyLep visits Arch-Warwick, Arroyo, ArtVille and Aryina City

1st August, 2018 - 4th August, 2018: CrazyLep doesn't play on McO at all

5st August, 2018 - 7th August, 2018: CrazyLep visits McO sometimes but doesn't play really much

8th August, 2018 - 17th August, 2018: McO is blacklisted by Mojang, so it becomes unaccessible from official Minecraft launcher

18th August, 2018: CrazyLep installs SquidHQ launcher and does not care anymore about any blacklists

18th August, 2018: CrazyLep visits Autumnwood

19th August, 2018 - present day: CrazyLep is bored of making the timeline, so he'll write here really rare

Late September - Early October: CrazyLep transforms a swamp island near Freedoninsk and calls it... the Swamp Island!

19th October, 2018: CrazyLep realises that he is not bored of making the timeline but he just hasn't got anything to write in it. Almost all of his playtime is AFK cuz he is really busy

19th October, 2018: CrazyLep invites Neon444 to Freedoninsk

19th October, 2018: CrazyLep realises that the rules of Freedoninsk changed slightly while he was busy

20th October, 2018: CrazyLep starts a New Swamp island, which is near Freedoninsk too

20th October, 2018: Somebody, I'still don't know who, griefs the whole server in general and Snaketown in particular. CrazyLep's ship got friefed too

20th October, 2018: CrazyLep fixes the ship in some minutes but the server has got much bigger problems

21st October, 2018: CrazyLep logs in on the early morning and sees that the Freedoninsk's storage room is griefed. He fiexs it with the help of snakyman and Paladin_Heihachi

21st October, 2018: CrazyLep hears the story about Boomenchik, who used to be a citizen of Freedoninsk, from Smugshrug

25th October, 2018: Freedoninsk starts a war against Wasteland, a town owned by Boomenchik!

27th October, 2018: IvanLeshev shows the Freerdonia's fort to CrazyLep. CrazyLep finds it really gigantic but a bit empty

27th October, 2018: Boomenchik builds a wall with signs where he lies about Freedoninsk's administraion

28th October, 2018: CrazyLep visits Cafi95's base. They exchange gifts and then go to an adventure. While travelling, they see so many cool buildings! Also, CrazyLep gets a room in the colourful town in a sky

28th October, 2018: CrazyLep records a video where he travells on rail to Freedonia's North but after -6000 coordinate the rails just end!

1st November, 2018: CrazyLep joins ___Sleepless___'s server and becomes an admin there

3rd November, 2018: CrazyLep continues making a road from Freedoninsk to spawn that he and Cafi95 started before

4th November, 2018: CrazyLep and Cafi95 make a surprise for Nekoflen

12th November, 2018: Freedoninsk gets griefed! Villagers break out from iron farm! We're gonna die!

14th November, 2018: Vilalgers are still out and they're making children so they become more and more with every minute... We're definitely gonna die

15th November, 2018: CrazyLep installs many mods such as JourneyMap Fairplay Edition, Ambiotic, Mo'Bends etc.

16th November, 2018: CrazyLep sees that he has collected 6 stacks of pumplkins and 12 stacks of snow blocks but he still needs more (preparing for winter!)

17th November, 2018: CrazyLep makes a video about Smugshrug's levitation

18th November, 2018: CrazyLep makes a video about how to get to Freedoninsk through Nexus

19th November, 2018: CrazyLep makes a video about preparing for making a winter in Freedoninsk

20th November, 2018: CrazyLep makes a video about trying to fight ScarClaw72

26th November, 2018: CrazyLep builds a house in Logdon

1st December, 2018: CrazyLep tries to bring winter to Freedoninsk, but fails, because he didn't knew that rain actually kills snowmen!

2nd December, 2018: CrazyLep realizes that raining is no problem... WINTER!!!!


- Small house in Aquaton

- House in Snaketown

- Aquaton Road System

- Aquaton AFK Skeleton Farm

- Statue of himself in Aquaton

- Aquaton Diamond Storage

- Aquaton Map

- Freedoninsk

- Fredoninsk's Skeleton And Creeper AFK Farm

- Freedoninsk's AFK Pig And Cow Farm

Fun sutuations

18th June, 2018

Avanlance: (Tries to goodrep Snakyman with /goodrep Snaky)
Snakysam earned +1 reputation!
Avanlance: Who tf is Snakysam?!

23rd June, 2018 (DO NOT READ THIS that's an unfunny one)

DencikYT: (Griefs some blocks)
DragonsTail: Why have you griefed?
DencikYT: Don't ban me! I am a youtuber from Russia!
CrazyLep: A youtuber? From RUSSIA?! You can't ban him!
DragonsTail: Ban evasion xD

27th June, 2018

Kittyboy666: JakeSquid, why have you broken this torch?
Jake Squid: But it looked at me funny!
JakeSquid was hit by the banhammer!

28th June, 2018

triplemumia: tp admin there is a penis here!
jimmyd93 (admin): lucky you
triplemumia: What?

1st July, 2018

New player: hey admin can you tp me to 30 mil blocks away?
A moderator: sure! (teleports the new player 9 thousands blocks away)
New player: hey dude, telport me to 30 mil blcoks coord!
A moderator: but I can't...
New player left the game