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green_towns.png Freerdonia

Mayor's office and Castle at Night

Founder 1posa1
Category Towns
Underground? No
Fortified? Yes
Public access? Yes
Public build? No
Road link? Yes
Nexus link? No
Rail link? Yes
Boat link? No
Portal? No
Coordinates X=-1564
Dimension Overworld
Map Link ScarClaw72 Freerdonia is objectively the shittiest town on the server ScarClaw72 Its just bad

Freerdonia is a floating town founded by 1posa1 in 2018. It is centered around a massive castle surrounded by lava that is the base of 1posa1.


Freerdonia was founded in May 2018, built right outside the North Nexus hub. Freerdonia's location was likely chosen to draw tourists in the area to the town. The town is notable for being the site of the Freerdonia Museum, one of the first public displays of rare or unique items. It was also the capital of the New American Empire, an organization formed as a reaction to the Benjamese Empire.

It was mainly operated by 1posa1, but since his ban, the town has fallen into disrepair.

How do I get a Plot Here?

Anyone can claim a 13x13 plot here by placing a sign and agreeing to the terms and conditions posted inside of the immigration office, inside the mayors office. By claiming this plot you agree to the rules posted. If you claim the plot we give you 72 real world hours to start building, as plots are limited. Please contact 1posa1 for any further questions.

Farms at Freerdonia

Freerdonia tries to offer resources to new players who may have just found their way here. Thus, we have multiple farms that anyone can use. All farms are located on, or on side streets of, Farm Ave. These farms are:

  • Cobble stone Generator (White Building in Tudor Style)
    • Largest Cobble stone generator on the server!
  • Smooth Stone Generator (Gray building with wooden roof)
  • Birch Wood Farm, Oak Wood Farm, Spruce Wood farm, Jungle Wood Farm (Simple smooth stone/ cobble checkered boxes trimmed in the wood they produce)
    • All Located on Log Road
  • Charcoal Farm (Oak planked building)
    • Located on Spruce Wood
  • XP farm (RV with UFO flying over it)
  • Wheat, Carrot and Potato farm (On the opposite side of Farm ave)
  • Watermelon farm (On the opposite side of Farm ave)
  • Cactus farm (pyramid)

Soon to be coming is the sheep farm but someone keeps killing my sheep!

(sorry about killing your sheep. Just kidding I am not sorry lol. - snakyman)

Public Access Builds

We have a variety of builds in order to boost the quality of life for our citizens. This list currently includes

  • Freerdonia Fountain, a public water source for anyone who stops by.
  • Redstone Colosseum, a redstone powered colosseum capable of 2 game modes, forts and flat, and locking players in the fight to insure only one leaves.
  • Public enchanting room, located in the stone brick circular house.
  • The mayors office, houses a community enderchest, community lounge, community anvil, community smelters and, sometimes, cake.
  • Victory Monument to the Appi War's
  • Freerdonia Museum

NAE Road Corps Central Nether Junction

As the Current Capital of the New American Empire Freerdonia enjoys being the Central Nether Junction for the NAE's Nether Ice Road. This gives all residents access to the farthest reaches of the server and access to resource mining areas such as mesa biomes and Ice planes biomes.