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User Crimson_Aught

Cool glasses

Known as Crimson, Crimson A.
Gender Male
Location Russia of The Future
DOB 1996-10-{{{birthdayday}}}
Occupation Civil Engineer
In Freedonia
First joined 9 April 2020
First building Crimson Maison
Staff member Moderator
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Crimson Aught (aka Peter) is a professional procrastinator playing Minecraft since July 2011. He likes to build, build and then build some more. He first joined MinecraftOnline with the help of the coronavirus lockdown and stayed because of its historical atmosphere.


FRS map

The first thing Crimson_Aught noticed was the severe lag due to the low TPS (ticks per second) of 1.7.10, and the only thing he could do ingame at the time was walking (and harvesting sometimes). Due to this, he walked through the entire railway system (due to its unridable state). He walked and wrote coords of every stop, turn, junction and station. After 100 hours ingame, most of the existing Freedonian rail lines were recorded in one of the most accurate maps in MCO history. The map can be found here.

Crimson Maison

The first home, 3-storey maison in Spawn City near Nexus North-East. Made mostly from dark oak and birch, totally not crimson. Construction has started on September 8, 2020. Interiors are still unfinished.

Project P.

A mysterious big project somewhere very far where only ghosts live. Cleaning area from trees since August 2020... There are way too many trees there.

Railway tunnel

This tunnel was built on January 6, 2021 to bring back the old railway from Port Last back to the spawn area. Now it starts at the Nexus NE station.

Spawn Beautification

As a member of SBT, Crimson Aught took part in revamping territory around Wooden Castle and built a small amphitheatre on its west side (January 10, 2021).


under construction