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User Kingserval


Known as King, Serval, Serv
Gender Male
Nationality U.S.A
DOB -01-30
Occupation Builder, PVPer, Leader
In Freedonia
First joined January 26th, 2019
First building A random wall at /wilderness
Donor level * Donor
Kit level **** Gold
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  'im getting killed by a red cow this is beyond illegal' DJPixel after being assaulted by KingServal


Early History (January-November, 2019) KingServal first joined the server on January 28th, 2019. Since joining the server he has involved his activities in a variety of actives and acts that have influenced the server varying amounts.
He spent part of his first week on the server was spent as a nomad, walking around the highways. Mainly Route 101.
He then proceeded to work on a highway of his own, Route 69. And did this with Snakyman and Bloo_noodle. On Route 69 there was an island that was originally meant to be a rest stop but he recognised its potential and founded the town of Socorro. All of which can be located to the North West of Spawn. Route 69 now serves as one of the fastest and direct means of getting to the nearest warp, Forrrest. And Snaketown, which was built next to it. His early days on the server were also the times where his constant engagement in PVP. Serval was also known for trolling with snakyman, famously creating 'fuck you penis mountain' next to Crown's Landing.

Serval also briefly changed his name to emping, a conjunction of 'emperor' and 'king' in an effort to be cool. He joined and was promptly verbally abused for having a stupid name. Read more below.

He also founded the Crusaders after an Invasion caused by 2B2T YouTuber Fit after he made a video that included the server being a largely focused centre of attention. That fans that flooded the server involved many who wanted to look around, as well as many griefers. More information on the matter can be found here —>

Later History (Decemeber 2019-November 2020)

By the time November had rolled around, Serval had realized that constant murder and trickery wasn't a good way to get liked on the server. He decided to become nicer and start reworking his town, Socorro. He created the Bedrocco Empire with Beeraeka also. He also created the Freedonian Imperial Federation and helped resolve Soviet Eden. He and snakyman were banned in the War of Finland after recreating fuck you penis mountain but were unbanned shortly.

Modern Serval (Now)

Formerly a PVPer, troll, and hater. Now all of them, but to a lesser degree. Nowadays he can be seen doing philanthropic acts to some noobs, while killing others. Mostly to himself, long past the days of exerting influence on the server, Serval is just trying to build a stable and common base from his former pyrrhic history.

Builds KingServal has built many projects on the server in a variety of places. Ranging from but are not limited to:

& More!

Organizations Founded

Organizations Joined


These are some events that KingServal has gotten himself into.


  • Sports and fitness
  • Not finishing builds
  • Walking around
  • Talking
  • Museums


  • Other "Kings"
  • People who try to be as edgy as they can.(Irony)

People I fw

Fun Quotes and chatlogs (add anything you want)

Handjobs snakyman serval I need clay snakyman that is your one job KingServal No handjobs? snakyman okay 2 jobs


Serval briefly changed his name to emping. Here is the log of chat learning of his new name.

 (MCS) Emping joined the game.
 (MCS) Emping is joining with a new username (was KingServal). Emping is my new name gay snakyman umm snakyman yes SleeplessTheCat hi king SleeplessTheCat and yes Slime_tiger i hate it Emping god damn Emping ok whats a better name Void42_ ewwwww snakyman kingserval Slime_tiger KingServal SleeplessTheCat kingserval Void42_ change it back >:( Emping i feel like a roblox military RPer with this name
 <aaron> KingServal, what the fuck Slime_tiger why did you choose it then Emping because i wasnt thinking snakyman you shouldve consulted chat Emping oml Emping its like... Emping a mix of emperor and king Emping emping Slime_tiger it sucks snakyman your name is a proverb snakyman 'to emp' snakyman how does one emp Krenath It comes across like some illegal sex act.  "Yo, man, I saw your boy emping behind the 7-11, man. He trippin' Slime_tiger nobody will know who you are Emping bruh no one knew serval Slime_tiger even less people give a shit about emping Emping :I snakyman hows your emping going Slime_tiger name yourself shitstain snakyman wanna emp with me Emping welcome emping for the next 30 days Emping kingserval was a gay name snakyman emping is gayer Slime_tiger would you like us to treat you like a noob Slime_tiger welcome to mco emping Emping yes slime Slime_tiger please read the rules Emping ok Slime_tiger and dont fuck up Slime_tiger you slimy bitch Emping can i break these torches Slime_tiger no fucker Emping this was a mistake snakyman huge Emping i just emped my dog snakyman you really thought this in your head: "you know what would be a really tough and badass name? Emping"

Chat then turned into a gun rights debate.