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User Eilidh23

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Known as Eil, Eilidh, Eyelid
Gender Female
Location Scotland
Nationality British
DOB 2001-03-23
Occupation University
In Freedonia
First joined 24th September 2013
First building Modified cave outside of spawn
Staff member Moderator
Donor level ** Stone
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About Eilidh23

Eilidh is a 19 year old Uni student from Scotland studying Chemical Physics and working as a Makeup Artist on the side. She spends most her free time with animals, often horse riding or volunteering at shelters.


  • Castello di Aida
  • Skyline Castle
  • Rm101
  • Various other small castles
  • Bitch Club
  • Stables
  • Original House
  • Helped thesprazzzler with his builds
  • And a few other things she can't remember