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User Eilidh23

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Known as Eil, Eilidh, Eyelid
Gender Female
Location Scotland
Nationality British
DOB 23 March 2001
Occupation University
In Freedonia
First joined 24th September 2013
First building Modified cave outside of spawn
Staff member Moderator
Donor level ** Stone
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About Eilidh23

Eilidh is a 19 year old Uni student from Scotland studying Chemical Physics and working as a Makeup Artist on the side. She spends most her free time with animals, often horse riding or volunteering at shelters.


  • Castello di Aida
  • Skyline Castle
  • Rm101
  • Various other small castles
  • Bitch Club
  • Stables
  • Original House
  • Helped thesprazzler with his builds
  • And a few other things she can't remember