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User Freeman77
Known as Free, Freeman
Gender Male
Location Moscow, Russia
DOB -01-16
Occupation Mayor Of Silver Lake
In Freedonia
First joined October 8th 2016
First building Freeman's Lab at Lion King Town (destroyed)
Staff member Moderator
Donor level * Donor
Kit level **** Gold
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"hi" - Freeman77


Hi, I am Freeman.

I worked on several settlements like Silver Lake, Tha and etc.

My current interests are writing wiki pages, documenting server's history and working on improving my multiple houses around the server.

Some Facts

  • Promoted to moderator on May 21st 2022 with Okibdoki and Azeur.
  • He is 230th person to be promoted to Staff.
  • Banned on July 16th 2017 for "cheaty client" cause of suspected fly hacks. What actually happened was him being hit with a sword and flying over the Flippeh Statue fence. Unbanned a few minutes later.

Works & Contributions

and etc.


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