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User Freeman77

really old skin from some website i found in 2012-13.

Known as Free, Freeman
Gender Male
Location Russia
Nationality Russia
DOB 2003-01-16
Occupation games, music, internet, minecraft
In Freedonia
First joined 08 October 2016
First building The Freeman's Lab
Staff member Moderator
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"hello internet" - Freeman77

Who am i

Hi, i am Freeman. I've joined this server back 2016. I worked on several projects like Silver_Lake, Tha and some other settlements.

Server Biography

My join date is October 8th 2016. First person i ever met on a server was NickolasDiamond, it was just a few minutes after that he had settled me in his small town named Lion King Town. By winter of that year we've got into a conflict regarding a direction of which style a town should be going to and it resulted in a big argue, me destroying my "Lab" and moving away about 1.5km away to build my new house there by a lake. Later this place will be known as a Silver Lake.

I've spent early 2017 on further development of my town and making it an easy place for new players coming from various Invasions to settle at. While it looked like an interesting idea in a moment, I haven't expected almost everyone I've invited to my town leaving a server in future weeks or months, which resulted Silver Lake becoming a ghost town in a soon amount of time. Further conflicts with other town owners which happened that year resulted in me moving away from my town and becoming disinterested in it.

During that period I have been traveling across Freedonia back to back, sometimes taking notes about some builds I have stumbled upon. By the end of 2018 I was mostly inactive, sometimes joining the server to run around the map and start out some project I would abandon right away.

However, by 2019-20 things have changed with me feeling much better generally than in past 1.5 years. About that time there was a talk going on that a server was going to be updated to 1.12 pretty soon, and I was hooked on right away. It was uneasy to get used to newer player base which had formed out during my on & off period and seeing many incidents happening like griefs by EPU involving some of my older friends, but soon I got used to it.

Moreover, my experience as an old 1.7 player would be something of a cool thing to share to new players in a future :D

What he likes

What he doesn't like

  • Griefers
  • Golden/Diamond Block Roads

Works & Contributions