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User helpimdeadinside

Random child

Known as Dead
Gender no (they/them)
Nationality American
In Freedonia
First joined March 15, 2020
First building Dead's Hole
Staff member Moderator
Donor level **** Donor IV
Kit level **** Gold
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  < 1Catnip> help I'm <insert joke here> inside
< Hyperluminous> helpmeimdeadinside won’t fit on a sign

Not too rare of a sight around Freedonia, the helpimdeadinside lives in a box made of wood, cobblestone, and dirt. This concerning-looking creature exists only to spite god..

What Spektra Thinks:

Pretty nice person.

What Tea Thinks:

Pretty not nice person.

What Griffin Thinks:

helpimdeadinside observing

ending the loop before it begins.
dead is nice person.

What laootr_ Thinks:

  • Pretty very nice person.

Dead's birthday party

On 18.05.2024, SenatorApple replaced the spawn Flippeh Statue with a statue of their player skin (created by Cosmic_potato_04) for their birthday! what followed was a huge party that included spawning many helpimdeadinside npcs, thousands of parrots, and more!

helpimdeadinside's birthday party at spawn
helpimdeadinside’s bird, Jerold.
Screenshot taken by helpimdeadinside.png