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User Hyperluminous

Waffle still needs to give my Diamond Mall items back!

Known as Nova, Hyper, Luminous
Gender Male
Location USA
Nationality American
DOB 2000-12-21
Occupation Security Officer
In Freedonia
First joined 29 January 2020
First building Lost Forever
Donor level * Donor
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< Darkerfly> Hyperluminous aka Nova is the business man you can trust.

About Hyperluminous is a cool guy that sometimes plays on MCO and other times is at the gym. Other than that, he plays various other video games and tries to save up enough money to keep his truck running.

In-Game Hyperluminous spends most of his time in North Of Nowhere where he is the Co-Mayor. He also spends part of his time at the Fire Nation Isles, which is his own private build area. Outside of that, he’s either on a mining expedition, exploring the vast number of builds in Freedonia, or perhaps starting a new build somewhere.

Player History

The history of Hyperluminous is short since he's still relatively new to the server.
After joining MCO for the first time on January 29, 2020 Hyperluminous didn't really know what to do. The server was lagging hard and he could barely break a melon block. After a while he made it onto Route 101 and started walking along it. His first interaction with a mod would come shortly after he misclicked and broke a torch along the route. Moderator Jmancino2 quickly showed up and asked why he had broken a torch. Hyperluminous quickly stated that it had been by mistake and placed the torch back where it belonged. Luckily, Jmancino2 understood and forgave Hyperluminous and let him be on his way. Shortly after, a player named Muldore asked if anyone wanted to join him at his town, North Of Nowhere. Feeling bored, Hyperluminous agreed and alongside a few other players he followed Muldore through the nether and to North Of Nowhere.

Time at North Of Nowhere

After becoming a citizen of North Of Nowhere, Hyperluminous became very active and started building and improving many things in the city. Currently, Hyperluminous is the Co-Mayor & Treasurer of NoN and is on the City Council there.

Time at Logdon

After being invited to build at Logdon by monsoonman, Hyperluminous built a player home for himself there.

Time at Verico Hyperluminous became a citizen of The Republic of Verico after Beeraeka recruited him. Hyperluminous has since started working on a small castle there. Shortly after becoming a citizen of Verico, Hyperluminous became the ambassador for North Of Nowhere at Verico. Beeraeka, in return, became the ambassador for Verico at North Of Nowhere.
As of 2024, Hyperluminous was unsure if the small castle he was working on was ever completed as he had not been to Verico in some years. When he found the time to go visit, he was able to find his still WIP build. However, Hyperluminous decided after all these years, it would be better to start a new build frame scratch.

Time at the Fire Nation Isles

The Fire Nation Isles is a private settlement founded by Hyperluminous himself. It’s his main player base outside of NoN and where his /home is set. There is a deca-smelter he built there that he used to smelt sand into glass for Sandy Glass Co. in the past. However, the smelter doesn’t get used much anymore.

Time at Newport

After asking Darkerfly for a plot at Newport, Hyperluminous began work on Nova Industries HQ which is intended to be the HQ for his company of the same name, Nova Industries. He also received a complimentary apartment in Newport Tower by r9q.
After completing the Nova Industries HQ building, Hyperluminous, with the permission of Darkerfly, created a glass shop in the tunnels under the Nexus spawn. However, as of 2024, the Newport branch of Sandy Glass Co. is now closed indefinitely due to the addition of glass farms.
In 2024, Hyperluminous tore down the Nova Industries HQ of 1.7.10 and built a new skyscraper/tower in its place for 1.12.2. It definitely is an upgrade but the top of the tower may be renovated when he gets more quartz. Until then, the build is complete.

Time at Mistral Valley

Being bored one day/night, Hyperluminous was selecting random page on the Wiki. What came up on his screen was Glowstone Mall. Seeing that it was slated for completion at the end of April 2024, Hyperluminous wanted to check it out. He quickly reached out to CaptainIceman, the owner of the project, and asked to take a look. CaptainIceman said it was in Mistral Valley. The next time Hyperluminous was online, he went and visited Mistral Valley. While looking for the Glowstone Mall, Hyperluminous came across a plot for sale at 4 Stonebridge Road and left a sign there stating his interest in purchasing the plot. On night of April 30, 2024 ItchyLlama saw the sign and told CaptainIceman about Hyperluminous’ interest in buying the plot. CaptainIceman told Hyperluminous that he would sell the plot to him, but the price would be based on how nice the house looked after it was finished. Hyperluminous agreed and on May 1, 2024 construction started on the player home. Three days later, the house was finished on May 4, 2024. Upon completion of the house, Hyperluminous was given a Mistral Valley Passport to solidify his citizenship in the town.

Time at Starsrest Hyperluminous was given permission to build a player home at Starsrest by Lunaa_Lullaby after he had shown interest in building one there. He started the construction of his house on May 5, 2024 and completed it the following day. Since then, he was appointed as Co-Mayor/Co-Owner of the small town.


Below is a list of organisations that Hyperluminous is part of and a brief description of his role within said organization:

Freedonian Historical Society - Member - While not an official duty or responsibility of the organization, Hyperluminous regularly adds content to the MCO Wiki. He also provides screenshots to the FHS.


Here is a list of some of the builds created by Hyperluminous:

• First player home, for Hyperluminous, at North Of Nowhere.
• Small castle farm, near the docks at North Of Nowhere.
• Chest room at North Of Nowhere, intended to be used as an area to store building materials for the entire town. The build has one of the very few Void Approved signs in MCO.
• Rules room at North of Nowhere.
• Zombie Spawner room at North Of Nowhere, now dismantled. Its remnants can be found in the rules room.
• Temporary Living Dorms in the Town Hall at North Of Nowhere.
Haven Library at North Of Nowhere.
• Haven Island’s “Nowhere Village” at North Of Nowhere.
• Hyperluminous’ Private Warehouse North Of Nowhere.
• Seaside Pub on the docks at North Of Nowhere.
• Treasury Building at North Of Nowhere.
• Not-so-finished player home at Verico.
• Player home at Logdon.
Nova Tower (Hotel & Casino) at North Of Nowhere. Still a WIP.
• Nova Industries HQ for 1.7.10 at Newport, now demolished.
• Nova Industries HQ for 1.12.2 at Newport.
Nebula (Shop) at the Diamond Mall, removed by WaffleNomster.
Fire Nation Isles south of North Of Nowhere. There are a few builds there.
• Player home at Mistral Valley.
• Player home at Starsrest.
The Great Wall of Starsrest

Joint Builds

• Glass Road at North Of Nowhere ( Muldore)
North Star District at Starsrest ( Lunaa_Lullaby)

Contributions to Builds

• Helped improve the Town Hall in North Of Nowhere
• Vastly expanded Haven Island at North Of Nowhere
• Maintains and improves road and lighting infrastructure at North Of Nowhere
• Built the enchanting room for Muldore's wither skeleton farm
• Helped expand vast areas of the docks at North Of Nowhere

Diamond Mall Shop

Nebula (Shop): This shop was established on February 20, 2020 when Anna_28 took his deposit of nine diamonds and gave him permission to build his shop. It was located on the purple floor of the Diamond Mall. Due to Hyperluminous’s frequent inactivity throughout 2021-2023, the store went unstocked for prolonged periods of time. Only being restocked a couple of times throughout that time period. Because of the lack of items for sale, WaffleNomster removed Nebula from the Diamond Mall. However, Hyperluminous has pledged that Nebula will be back at the Diamond Mall someday.

Nova Industries

On March 1, 2021, Hyperluminous founded Nova Industries. He did this so that he could have a parent company to his existing businesses for organizational purposes. Currently, Nova Industries is small but soon it will grow to be the biggest in MCO!

Events Participated In

Major Events

April Fools 2020
The Great FitMC Invasion (April 4th 2020)

Minor Events

• 3 Bot Spammings
• 1 IRC Spamming


Here is a list of people that Hyperluminous considers to be his friends on MCO: Muldore DarthSagit Darkerfly WideEyedBass Otis_Wong Selimbits helpimdeadinside Cosmic_potato_04