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User 1Catnip


Known as Catnip, Cutenip, Catrip (It's not just "cat")
Gender Male
Location Middle of Nowhere, Arizona
Nationality American
DOB 2000-03-11
Occupation a drop in the infinite of the many
In Freedonia
First joined 03 December 2018 (As Enforcer_Satet)
First building 1Catnip's Humble Home
Donor level *** Donor III
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1Catnip, Meowthman Incarnate

  < 1Catnip> this iss yhe day riot finally spillled whiskey on his servers

1Catnip is a disturbing meowth thing, the founder and mayor of Catini Catra, the leader of Caveman Gang, and the founder and chief of the 1Catnip Justice League.

A Little About The Catmeister

 (In response to Demetri seeing my skin for the first time)
 < TheDemetri> the back of your head is weird

1Catnip joined MCO as Enforcer_Satet on December 3, 2018. You can find him either working in various projects, in spawn hanging with others, or in Freedonia exploring. His alts are 2Catnip, 4Catnip, Catnip1, and Egypt95.

He lives quite literally in the middle of nowhere in the Sonoran Desert, so MCO is his escape from the sandy hellscape he lives in.

J'essaie actuellement d'apprendre le Français! Y se un poco de Español, pero no mucho.

1Catnip is also known for being terrible at summarizing his wiki edits. Punish him accordingly.

The Journey

1Catnip first joined MCO on December 3, 2018. His first task at hand was to explore spawn. After finding free food from the community spawn farm, he went to a random warp and traveled a few thousand blocks to establish his first base. After establishing his base and joining the VhsTown Hotel, 1Catnip quit because he just wasn't feeling minecraft at the time. After an 8 month hiatus, 1Catnip returned with his new username. He started working on Pyramid Land to kill time and give himself something to do. At first, Catnip only really talked to WaffleNomster and TheDemetri, but he soon met many cool different people, too many to list (except Beeraeka, I love you). One week, over the course of 3 days, 1Catnip went on a donation rampage, much to his wallet's dismay.

 (MCS) 1Catnip just donated £200.00 out of sheer kindness!
 < 1Catnip> Fear me.
 < WaffleNomster> BRUH
 < WaffleNomster> CATNIP

1Catnip finally reached 100 hours on August 25, 2019.

 < 1Catnip> Oh shit when did I hit 100?
 < Trrnit> hour ago
 < 1Catnip> Damn

1Catnip reached 200 hours on October 10, 2019. To celebrate, he went to his favorite town, Baguette City.

1Catnip reached 300 hours on February 7th, 2020.

 (MCS) 1Catnip has played for over 300 hours!
 (MCS) Eate_Purple has played for over 60 hours!
 < Eclypto18> Gg
 < WaffleNomster> gz catnip and eate!
 < mSup> gz
 < bawest> congratz catnip and eate!
 < 1Catnip> yeah bitches

1Catnip reached 400 hours on February 17th, 2020.

 (MCS) 1Catnip has played for over 400 hours!
 < mSup> gg
 < Plexit111> GG
 < TheDemetri> gg catnip
 < Eclypto18> gg
 < WaffleNomster> gz catfart
 < cupcake98> Ayyy GJ Catnip!
 < jello_pudding> nice
 < 1Catnip> yeah bitches
 < Void42_> gg
 < TheDemetri> rookie numbers catnip
 < 1Catnip> Rookie penis length dem
 < Void42_> :O
 < TheDemetri> I know, 8 inches is too small

1Catnip was promoted to moderator TWICE on March 23rd, 2020. The first time was a mistake, and was not meant to happen. Thank a certain rogue staff member for doing so... Catnip was modded a second time, a few hours after things had settled down. This time it was done legitimately.

 < Anna_28> @1Catnip if you get modded, will you ban yourself?
 < 1Catnip> Anna of course not 1Catnip retires from their Moderator position after 3 years of service.

I'm too lazy to add the rest since it'll get ridiculous, so just look up the logs yourself.

The Identity Crisis

1Catnip is known for his many, ridiculous alts. It is unknown if perhaps he has Multiple Personality Disorder or whatever but who cares. Below is a brief summary of every known version of 1Catnip.

  • 1Catnip: The version of 1CN you'll see the most. Entrepreneur, owner of the 1CNJL, general face of the many catnips.
  • 2Catnip: The allknowing pharaoh catnip. Both tyrannical and caring for his subjects. Rarest form of 1CN.
  • 3Catnip: Pirate and slave of the dockmaster TheDemetri. Argh.
  • 4Catnip: Trash. Cretin of Freedonia. Arch nemesis of the 1CNJL. Disgusting. Single worst being on this minecraft world. Rancid.
  • 9Catnip: Demigod, Lord, Holy Entity. Only catnip alt to be partially owned. Half owned by TheDemetri.

Aside from these personalities, Catnip also has the accounts Egypt95 and Catnip1. Catnip1 was the username Catnip originally wanted, but it was unavailable. However, sometime in June 2020 Catnip saw that it was available and immediately nabbed it.

Egypt95 is an alt on the play of Catnip's obsession of pyramids and other Egyptian architecture, and even has a custom-made mummy skin. (Well, custom in the fact I stole and edited it from the Skindex) 2Catnip (deceased) 4Catnip (deceased)

Funny Conversations

 < 1Catnip> I know one word in Czech
 < 1Catnip> Parohac
 < TheDemetri> xD
 < TheDemetri> f u
 < TheDemetri> but you know it because you are calling me it daily
 < 1Catnip> Bwahahahahaahha
 < 1Catnip> If Deme gets discord admin I'll actually reach into my toilet and take a big meaty chunk out of my own shit
 < tyhdefu> .q add 1Catnip If Deme gets discord admin I'll actually reach into my toilet and take a big meaty chunk out of my own shit
 [BOT]l4mRbot: MCO_Discord: quote added.
 < 1Catnip> Awh fuck
 < TheDemetri> I was about to do it tyh
 < TheDemetri> xD
 < WhyPlayMinecraft> are u all from usa?
 < vauxhallmadman> hell no
 < tyhdefu> im from uk
 < Xuvaci> Ich lebe in Deutschland
 < 1Catnip> Yeehaw
 < 1Catnip> Fuck off windows defender summary I know I have 16 damn viruses
 < AJAwad> LOL
 < ickyacky> more importantly what shady sites have you been on to get 16 viruses xD
 < 1Catnip>
 < ickyacky> well ofc
 < 1Catnip> Ahahaha
 < 1Catnip> So I uh
 < 1Catnip> need help from someone who's not a mod
 < Zomon333> I'll help
 < Darkerfly> ?
 < Darkerfly> what help
 < 1Catnip> Specifically in placing a stick in an item frame
 < Darkerfly> lol
 < skybirdthing> lmao
 < HY_Turkic> lel
 < skybirdthing> thats the funniest shit ever
 < 1Catnip> So... volunteers? lul
 < LordOfTheShadows> aa
 < LordOfTheShadows> i am stuck in rubberbanding purgatory
 < Ted1246> LordOfTheShadows: relog?
 (MCS) LordOfTheShadows left the game.
 (MCS) LordOfTheShadows joined the game.
 < 1Catnip> The rubberbanding purgatory welcomes you to our 3 eon long musical about /sit
 < LordOfTheShadows> oof
 < r9q> catnip do be putting those tunes on doe
 < 1Catnip> fanshy choones
 *r9q throws sugar on jukebox*
 < 1Catnip> cocaine???
 < r9q> yeah
 < r9q> give it a sniff
 < 1Catnip> snifffffff
 < 1Catnip> achhf
 (MCS) 1Catnip left the game.
 < r9q> catnip died
 < SleeplessTheCat> Oof catnip
 (In response to someone adding the 7th November Dramas to the Timeline and claiming it as a major server event)
 < HY_Turkic> @1Catnip Finland loves saying the "battle" was a major event
 < TheDemetri> major event my ass
 < TheDemetri> 10 people attending aint major event
 < AlTheChan> I could literally make an anarchist group of 5 ppl in Eros and began raiding a single town and dying out
 < AlTheChan> And say we started a massive world war
 < 1Catnip> I could shit on all the spawn streets and say I caused the great shittening of fucking 2020
 < cutieyosaf> how are we doign chat
 < 1Catnip> i kinda need to poo cutie but thanks for asking
 < cutieyosaf> i will never ask again
 (In a related discord server)
 < 1Catnip> uh
 < 1Catnip> someone took the 4catnip username
 < 1Catnip> by some german dude I think xD
 < 1Catnip> It updated the skin cache on the wiki lol
 < SenatorApple> LOL
 < Beeraeka> lmao
 < Beeraeka> imagine being that german guy
 < Beeraeka> "Ok Ich bin 1catnip"
 < Beeraeka> "WAS??? TAKEN?? NEIN!!!"
 < Beeraeka> "Ok then 2catnip"
 < Beeraeka> "WTF OK 3CATNIP"
 < Beeraeka> "4CATNIP FINALLY"
 < SenatorApple> Just think he probably first tried "Catnip" as well and was taken, then did that
 < Beeraeka> XD
 < 1Catnip> LOL
 < 1Catnip> Bwahaha
 < 1Catnip> Beer wtf you're actually funny???

Things he likes (Since everyone else on this goddamn wiki has a "things they like" list)

  • To annoy SenatorApple
  • That HY_Turkic has him listed as his favorite person :P (Also that he asked me to make a KFC at his place)
  • The color green
  • Helping people, then shitposting on them
  • Subway
  • Boobaeka
  • His time as a part of the cool kids
  • Ancient Egypt (duh)

Things he hates


(Shoutout to Microcosms for making this format, I totally didn't steal it)

Friends Fraccu
czech dork
french lover
utc god
polproc rival
phillies simp
petite amie v.2
she loves flowers