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User iBowl125
Known as !B, iB, legokid125, iBowl
Gender Non-binary
Location New England
DOB 2001-00-
In Freedonia
First joined 28 July 2017
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Important Information



Explored near spawn and in South, hung out around Dubstep Plaza, the name interested me.


Built house near Dubstep Plaza.


A good day of random exploring. At the very end of the day, as I was logging off Skytrill messaged me asking if I wanted diamonds, I figured something was up so I was apprehensive. Eventually I accepted the diamonds, he gave me two. then he told me to follow him. We went to the tree farm and for a split second I thought he was taking me out of spawn to kill me, so I took out my stone sword (which obviously was no match for him). He paused for a second at the very edge of the protected area. Then he struck. I was set on fire and ran, I made it 5 meters, and as fast as I ever have, typed in /home. No hard feelings Skytrill


I have been trying to get in touch with ScarClaw72 to ask him about his organization; The Helping Hand. When I logged in today he was online, so I /msg-ed him asking if it was possible if I could join the organization. He asked me if I would pledge to The Helping Hand. Instead of just saying yes like a normal person, I started reciting the pledge. he cut me off and told me I just needed to say yes or no. I said yes and I was in! (That was easy) After only a few minutes someone was asking for help at spawn, (John_ something...) I was able to help them get started. Then the server reset. Almost no block lag! I got to work right away mining and cutting down trees. While I was harvesting someone asked me if I wanted to live in CosmicCity. I looked it up and it looked nice, so I said sure. Someone tp-ed me to the town hall. It was a wonderful town. I was given the rules and I signed the agreement. I was led to a large flat plot just off the edge of town, next to the unfinished bank. A few people started talking about the, "Iron Reef" and telling me I should go there for resources. I have never heard of it. Adalex3 led me there. It was incredible! So many free resources and food! I took some spruce wood and got to work on my house.


I started Minecache.


30 hours played.


Wow, my house is still here...


Died on the Mick Tower Hotel's elevator, lost all my shit...


I'm back, sure has been a while. Seems all of the Minecaches where looted :(. but I am ready to get back into things. I recently changed my name from legokid125 to iBowl125. Guess I will need to update my sign in CosmicCity. Somehow my house is still up. Just as I was logging off my game glitched. It did that thing where all cobblestone changes to compasses. I saw some incredible and intricate underground structure right under Cosmic City, and I was standing right on top of the entrance! I would only need to break one block... Guess that place remains a mystery...