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IntelStar is a user that, for some dumb reason, has come to MCO and is probably not going to leave anytime soon.

Attention: I have left MCO. I cannot verify my Minecraft account. Not only can I not get a cape or free Bedrock, I also cannot play Minecraft at all past March 10th. I'm sorry. I will miss the fun I've had here. Thanks to all who helped me around, including EpicBaby and Bucketsofwasps, among others. All information on this page other than this is now no longer up to date. If I make another account, I will put it here, if it will let me. Hopefully if it will let me advertise my new account here, I can use it to convince the mods to let me break the blocks I have placed on IntelStar. If you wish to get into contact with me again, you can follow me on Pixilart or if that doesn't work, I might be on that alternate account on that site. Thanks for reading. Please do not vandalize this page, not that that might stop you.

I love you all platonically,


Dumbass got locked out
User IntelStar

My skin makes me look like I'm 7 when in reality I'm 41 spelled backwards

Known as Intel
Gender Male
Location Your moms house
Nationality American
Occupation Troll (i think), Pixilartist
In Freedonia
First joined 22 December 2021
First building Several Maitnence Shelters scattered across the world
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History (bruh why is my message so weird in the contents anyway bye)

IntelStar probably joined the internet sometime around 2018 or 2019, I think it was through Scratch or something. He could not make a YouTube channel because his school blocked that part of the website, but not YouTube itself.

Okay actually I just remembered IntelStar joined the internet on Roblox in August of 2017. He had obtained the handle dDanielthrlion, which was supposed to be "Daniel the lion," based off of Daniel Tiger, which is what his cousin called him (chill out his name is Philip), but yea his mom did not check her spelling when creating the account. It was epic. He still plays Roblox in unhealthy amounts, and his current account can be found here.But who really gives a frick? This is Minecraft we're talking about!

Fast forward and in early 2020 he discovered a godforsaken website known as It is a pixel art website and an alternative to Twitter. Nowadays, it is an alternative of not only Twitter but also Tumblr and is a breeding ground for mental illness (how tf do you add citations). IntelStar spends WAY WAY WAY too much time there, even more then Roblos. Here is a page of his likeness (if you judge my gallery I will docs you just make an account the wall posts are better)

He discovered Reddit in late September of 2019 and finally made an account 2 years later in 2021. But pffff, like I'm going to give you his username THAT easily!

And so finally on I think the 23rd of December 2021, he discovered MCO because of some YouTube video about mushrooms in a cave or smth. Aaaand on his first day he received a warning for griefing some wool off of a chest. Look, this sign said if he stole glass then he was a hoe. He wondered if it was actually glass so he broke the wool and opened the chest. It had glass in it. What did I *ahem* he expect? He didn't take any and Anna the admin I cannot find the wiki page of to save a life came along and gave him a refresher. Stumped, he returned to spawn and was spawn killed and got the Omicron variant. He lost all of his stuff and caused him to throw a fit and stuff causing him to get spam negative rep by 2b2tisfull. After he stopped being a little bitch he picked himself back up and registered. He found a liking to the small yet humble yet slightly toxic yet extra segsy community. He registered and NOW YOUR STUCK WITH HIM LMAOOOOO GET REKT. And that brings us today, where he is writing his own wiki page like a big strong man.


-Somewhat responsible for the ban of carlo0123

-Spelled "akompolishemints" wrong

-Built the IntelStairs (map location pending) located at the West Border.

-Revealed the truth. There is actually glass in that chest. You're welcome.

-Overcame little bitch syndrome

-Settled down at the westmost point of the map.

-Has -1 rep at the time of writing this

-Killed a new player after chasing them with TP bread and then fell off the bridge he was chasing them on due to lag. I got my stuff back tho.

-Mined for iron in Zomon333's Pit of Doom, possibly narrowly avoiding a ban. Don't worry I lost it all to the Omicron.

-Downloaded Optifine and oh my gog the ender pearls are hot

-One time I was mining and because my internet was acting sus I started spamming the chat hoping it would kick me due to lost connection like it did the other 2718382 times but no the messages went through and yeah that could have been an embarrassing way to go. (fun fact spam was actually the fate of carlo0123)

-Stole Otis Wong's head and now it's his most prized possession he really needs to stop wearing it in public

-Found out that redstone blocks make HORRID chest locks (hey that rhymes) with a little help from G̶o̶o̶g̶l̶e̶ Anna 28

-Figured out Anna's wiki page. He should probably change the text in the history section

-Ran out of ideas but he will think of more in time.

-Being the owner of 320 furnaces.

-Witnessed the final banning of Otis_Wong LETS GOOOOOOOOOOOOO


Twitter simulator

Goods are stuff I like and Bads are stuff I not like. Sounds simple enough.


Occasional pixel art


Building little huts all over the place they only cost 43 blocks and 5 minutes of his time

Placing signs like Lancer from the hit game deltarune


Really old stuff and monuments and history

This server atm

The community of the latter <3


Any type of demotivation or block. No, I do not mean the ones from Minecraft those are cool I guess.

Skeletons. Especially during the night.

Minecraft Spiders

Baby Zombies more like Ice Age Baby amirite


The start reactor task

Redstone blocks right now

Having a whole bunch of ideas for this section before writing it and then drawing a blank as soon as he gets to it


Stealing this idea from Darkerfly