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User Otis_Wong
Known as Otis
Location Hong Kong
In Freedonia
First joined 9 April 2018
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About Otis

Otis_Wong was a former regular who was banned from the server. While he was on MCO, he was mainly known for being a troll, and recently before his banning, he had been gaining unfavorable reputation with many players, who felt that he had crossed the line in terms of his sexually-charged threats targeting minors, ultimately leading to drama within the community regarding the absolute freedom of speech policy of the administration team. He has been banned several times before, primarily for grief but also for alleged cheating, which he was later unbanned for.

If you want more community perspective and insight of Otis's previous bans, you can go to User:Otis_Wong/Bans for more information.

Final Ban

After multiple breakages of torches during PvP, Otis_Wong was banned by Daltalf on the 23rd of January 2022 at 8:06 AM GMT for repeatedly griefing at spawn whilst PVPing with players ( Tytanium1778, podd, and IntelStar).

Chat log from Discord:

(28 minutes prior to the banning)
< Otis_Wong> i know a place where you can kill me better
< Otis_Wong> sorry i broke a torch
< Daltalf> Otis, you knew better than to pvp around here though
< Otis_Wong> wdym?
< Daltalf> there are torches all over here and attempting to pvp of any sort will result in an accidental breakage
< Otis_Wong> welp i just wanna push them off the edge that's all
< Daltalf> but you still knew that you should've been careful not to break things
< Otis_Wong> i rlly don't wanna get banned from this shit
< Otis_Wong> all i could say that it was an accident
< Otis_Wong> #SteveLivesMatter
< Otis_Wong> ok so
< Otis_Wong> dalt
< Otis_Wong> i ain't getting banned right?
< Daltalf> as it was by accident, no
< Otis_Wong> cool
< Daltalf> but you need to quit breaking them
< Otis_Wong> sure
(12 minutes prior to the banning)
< Daltalf> again?
< Otis_Wong> NOT AGAIN
< Otis_Wong> AAAAA
< Daltalf> I just warned you about this
< Otis_Wong> i'm leaving the stairs
< Otis_Wong> nonono don't ban me pls
< Otis_Wong> sorry for this
< Otis_Wong> pls don't ban me
< Otis_Wong> pls pls pls
< Otis_Wong> don't ban me
< IntelStar> i am going to do whatever it takes to become mod just so i can ban otis the second my name turns blue
< Otis_Wong> and and andd
< Otis_Wong> if u ban me intel
< Otis_Wong> i'll have the 6th ban on my collection
(the final moments)
< Daltalf> Otis, I'm sorry but I don't trust that you can keep playing without breaking torches
< Daltalf> I already gave you a verbal warning, and you did not heed it
< Otis_Wong> please
[DSC]< rhyzofan> It's about time, we know...
< Otis_Wong> i won't pvp anymore
< Otis_Wong> is that ok?
< Daltalf> this is too many "accidents"
< Daltalf> and I have reason to believe you're just testing the staff's patience
< Daltalf> thus, goodbye
< Otis_Wong> i'm just pvping
< IntelStar> O_O
< Otis_Wong> they can testify
< Otis_Wong> listen to them
[DSC]< rhyzofan> see it on your eyes, on what happens
< Otis_Wong> we are just pvping
< Tytanium1778> It was intentional, otis is a greifer
< Otis_Wong> wow tyt
< Otis_Wong> thanks so much
< Tytanium1778> Any day >3
(MCS) Otis_Wong was hit with the banhammer! (43292 bans)
(MCS) Otis_Wong disconnected: Permanently banned: Grief: kept breaking torches at spawn staircase
< podd> OMG
[DSC]< rhyzofan> we have done arguments over so many things. Not sure what desicions are correct.
< BluDudd> YES
< CH_2011> oh
< Tytanium1778> WOAH
< BluDudd> WOOHOOO
< CH_2011> damn
< Tytanium1778> HELL YEAH
< BluDudd> FUCK YEAH
< AiacosMX> holy kek
[DSC] < rhyzofan> His story, may end here
< Tytanium1778> WAIT NO WE SHOULD'VE WAITED FOR 69420th BAN
< podd> im making a statue dedicated to dalt
< Daltalf> I just really, really hope my judgement was not too rash
[DSC]< SenatorApple> He's had far too many accidents and opportunities to be more careful, 3 bans total, a warning and trust me, tons of notes about "accidentally" breaking stuff, so either he was very careless for his whole time here, or he was testing staff's patience

As he currently is already banned from Discord, IRC and Telegram because of his trolling, it is unlikely that his appeal would ever pass.

A few hours after his ban, a user named Otis_Wrong joined Discord, claiming to be Otis_Wong, seeking a ban appeal and even admitting that "yea this is discord ban evasion i'm banned on every platform". This user has since been banned from Discord as well.