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User Nari1102

About my skin: It is a downscaled version of the Sega Dreamcast logo, which I use as my profile picture almost everywhere.

Known as Nari
Location Houston, Texas
DOB -10-15
In Freedonia
First joined June 9, 2018
First building A house on an island near Modos
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About me

On-off and generally inactive Freedonian. I generally act kinda cringe; I just can't help it I guess. I try to be likeable by making jokes but then I just offend people instead. I guess it's because I lack social skills.

My previous usernames and skins can be found at

How to get to my home/kingdom

Go to Modos via nexus, then go to the northeasternmost part of the island, and then look around until you see my path on the other side of the fence (; You can't miss it! Then there should be a pumpkin very close by that you can use to jump the fence.

Once you arrive there, be sure to read all of the signs, and to leave your name on the labeled wall of signs. If a mod harrases you for breaking the wool to entry, or for placing a sign, just show them the other signs saying you are allowed to (unless you aren't), or show them this text that you are reading right now.

My story or whatever, idk.

Part 1 "First time in the server": So I was on YouTube and scrolling through my recommendations and saw some video about the oldest server on Minecraft (this one to be exact: At the time, I didn't play Minecraft often, but after watching the video, I decided to try it out. So I tried joining. Fun fact: When I joined for the very first time, it said the server would restart shortly, so I waited for that to happen, knowing I would get kicked during the restart. Skip to after that, and I talked a bit, I explored, snakyman gave me a plot in Snaketown, and I learned about the /goodnight command. But knowing this was a survival server, I got bored since I wanted to build. So I asked where to build, but I started getting confused. I was scared I may build in a spot where I wasn't supposed to, knowing that the grief rules were very strict. So, I got very confused, and didn't really get anything done, as the only place I knew I could build was in my Snaketown plot; But plots are boring, I wanted my own area, not a small plot. So, when I heard about the "/wilderness" command, I decided to use it, and I was excited to begin normal survival! But then I fell victim to the very common "spawning in the middle of the ocean". So, I just kinda gave up, because I had to wait another 12 hours, and because it was so late, I just left and came back the next day... So now it had been more than 12 hours and I decided to try again, but then I was spawned in the ocean again :( And then after a bit of talking, and me just getting a lot more confused, I just left and gave up. I didn't come back to the server again until November 14th of 2018! Yep! I didn't ever come back until 5 months and 5 days later!

Part 2 "My return.": So, when I finally came back in November, it was kinda dull since nobody knew me. But I told snakyman he gave me a plot in his town, and he said something along the lines of "Oh yeah, I remember you". And so, fast forward time a little bit (because I don't feel like typing that much more), I did /wilderness again, finally got to land —which I later found out ended up being right next to the nexus linked location "Modos"—, built a nice home right next to the nexus linked Modos for easy visiting, and lived happily ever after! A happy ending...

How to contact me IRL

You can find me in the Discord server (the invite can be found on the website homepage) as "Nari1102#4015". You can also find me on Reddit.

I don't want to share my personal email, but I have an email address that I made specifically for my Mojang/Minecraft account that you can also use to contact me if you are so inclined:

I rarely check the inboxes for all three of these services, so don't be surprised if it takes me a month to respond.