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User NinjagoKristian

This is me ofc

Known as Ninjago, Ninja, NK
Gender Male
Location USA
Nationality American
Occupation Youtuber/Minecrafter/Developer
In Freedonia
First joined May 27, 2021
First building NinjagoKristian’s House in Cat Town
Donor level * Donor
Kit level **** Gold
View profile and statistics NinjagoKristian MCO is the most wonderful place on earth.

About Me NinjagoKristian is a MinecraftOnline Player who first joined on May 28th 2021. He has amassed over 400+ Hours of Playtime and he loves to help new players by giving them resources and a house in his town, Cat Town. He was known for starting causing major drama, and starting wars, but has since changed.

Notable Events

He left the server on 10/11/2021 - and did not plan to come back.

He temporarily joined back on 3/21/2022 - just to leave again

He came back again 5/4/2023 - to stay permanently this time

Events of Which They've Taken Place In


Founded Projects

Cat Town

Cat Town is a town founded by NinjagoKristian on May 28, 2021. It can be found at Lime 3 of the Nexus system.
The Town has its own Official Website!

Soiciety of Peacfulness

The Soiciety of Peacfulness is a group of towns that are allies with each other and are warless!
The Main Headquarters for The Soiciety of Peacfulness used to be built in Cat Town.


Occulto is a secret town being worked on by NinjagoKristian!