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green_towns.png Cat Town
2021-06-07 15.39.22.png
Founder NinjagoKristian
Contributors SquidgyKam (Co-Owner)
Category Towns
Underground? No
Fortified? No
Public access? Yes
Public build? No
Road link? Yes
Nexus link? Yes (Lime 3)
Rail link? Yes
Boat link? Yes
Portal? Yes
Coordinates X=-8629
Dimension Overworld
Map Link


Cat Town is a town founded by NinjagoKristian on May 28, 2021, just a day after he first joined. As of June 12, 2021, there are 20 citizens. Cat Town can be found at Lime 3 of the Nexus system. Admin Krenath spawned cats in the town to make it Cat Town, but sadly a day later they were killed. The town features an XP grinder for those who wish to repair or enchant things. The official site for Cat Town can be found here (though we haven't put much there yet).

On 8/12/2021 HZombieMan purchased Cat Town, but, with permission from doublehelix457, ownership was granted back to NinjagoKristian a.k.a KountryKritters on February 2nd, 2023 after HZ got banned. Cat Town will always be known for its drama and battles. One fun fact is that Cat Town was originally located somewhere differently when it was just NinjagoKristian's house, but he built on someone else's plot of land that was made out of stone not knowing that it was owned by someone, and later, the admins moved the house, and NinjagoKristian continued working on the town at the new place.

Cat Town Rules

Cat Town has 4 main rules:

  1. No inappropriate builds whatsoever allowed at the town.
  2. No building without Cat Town staff's permission.
  3. Always obey MinecraftOnline’s rules.
  4. Violence will not be permitted. (No PvP)

Additional notes:

  • If you get banned from MinecraftOnline/do not listen to the Cat Town rules stated above, you are giving us permission to remove your builds. This however does not mean that it will happen.
  • The rules of Cat Town are subject to change at any time, after a violation of a rule change, the player responsible for the violation has a week to edit or remove their build entirely before said build is edited and or removed.
  • We have the right to remove your builds, at any time.

How to get here

  • By Nexus (Lime 3)
  • By road/boat.
  • By elytra.
  • By FRS needs powered rails.
  • By the nether highway.

Purchasing/Renting a House

To Purchase a house it costs 32 Diamond Blocks, this purchase is permanent, not having to pay again.

If you wish to rent a home, you need to pay 1 Diamond Block per real-life week.

Consult Cat Town staff to deposit appropriate payment(s).

Cat Town Staff

The staff of Cat Town have all permissions when it comes to builds in the town. They have the ability to break wool on top of chests labeled Cat Town staff can open/break. This does not mean that doing so will not be of consequence to said staff member if they abuse this ability. The Cat Town staff are also privy to removal of builds in the town, even without a direct violation of the 3 main rules.

The staff of the town are:

Owner, Co-Owner & Admin have full town permissions. Moderators have permission to remove any builds that break any of the rules of the town.

Public Farms

Cat Town has a Wheat, Carrot, Potato, Beetroot, Nether Wart, and XP farm. If you want to contribute to the farms contact Cat Town staff by /mailsend (player) (message), or message a staff member directly in-game or on the discord.

Nether hub

A picture of the nether hub located in Cat Town

Cat Town has a nether hub, for those who wish to use that dimension to join us.


Catian is a Cat Based group that you can be in when you join Cat Town in your first hour on MinecraftOnline. It means you are part cat and your first place was in Cat Town. This can not be achieved for players who joined Cat Town after their first hour.

Cat Town Army

Cat Town has had several battles and wars declared on it. But most were won by the friendly community of MinecraftOnline.

Some of our best allies are: Selimbits a good person that once fought with me in the Battle of Cat Town and subsequent skirmishes. Abbiekitten a devious devil that has two sides GOOD/BAD!

If you will like to apply to join the army, contact NinjagoKristian


If you would like to ally with Cat Town, please contact NinjagoKristian!


We have an FRS and FRS station! STATUS: RUNNING!

Cat Town FRS.jpg


Battle of Cat Town

On June 10, 2021, NinjagoKristian offered to sell Cat Town to NickolasDiamond for 30 diamond blocks and 64 beacons. NickolasDiamond accepted the offer and a transaction was made. NinjagoKristian however, refused to give up Cat Town, causing a server-wide dispute, which quickly turned into an ambush on NinjagoKristian.

The following players fought against NinjagoKristian in the battle: NinjagoKristian was killed a total of 7 times, until Krenath, stepped in and ended the dispute by killing sm0ney5 and HZombieMan, as he believed it had degenerated into bullying. According to NinjagoKristian, he returned all 30 Diamond Blocks to NickolasDiamond, although whether or not this is true remained unclear at the time. However, NickolasDiamond later confirmed that he did receive the 30 diamond blocks and 64 beacons. Plans were made to construct a memorial statue of the battle to honor the fallen players. This was finished only a day after the fighting ended.

A Nexus Story

Irritated Krenath after NinjagoKristian impersonated him

Cat Town was originally given its nexus as a test for an admin, Krenath set it up and it remained that way for quite a while. Then NinjagoKristian impersonated admin Krenath and moderator Mechman007 in the IRC chat, so Krenath teleported him into the sky and kept killing him, later that day, the nexus was removed. Quite sometime later (maybe like a year), the nexus was added back.

Society of Peacefulness

Cat Town is part of the Soiciety of Peacfulness. The Headquarters for The Soiciety of Peacfulness was constructed in Cat Town. To learn more about the Soiciety of Peacfulness go to its wiki page.

Newport Empire

Cat Town Leaving Newport Empire

Cat Town was a member of the Newport Empire. Cat Town is in the Newport Metropolitan Area and is built off of the Newport Highway. They joined the empire in February 2022, and were planning for departure in June 2023, which was postponed to 11/29/2023 at 6:15 PM CST, when Cat Town left the Newport Empire for good.

Current Projects

Cat Town isn't finished, and there's still a lot to be done.

Here is a list of all current, or future projects:

  • Battle Arena (Colosseum)
  • Add lamps near paths