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User Roostery
Known as Roo
In Freedonia
First joined June 19, 2019
First building Small hut next to twin towers
Donor level * Donor
Kit level *** Iron
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In June 2019, a join notice marked the beginning of Roostery's journey in MinecraftOnline. While he was dedicated at first, collecting iron and building a small hut next to TwinTowers. However, 1.7 Minecraft eventually dissuaded him for playing in MCO, leading him to take a 3 year break. When he returned from his hiatus, he realized that MCO updated to a newer version: 1.12! With his newfound motivation, he greatly helped expand a town and established several bases around Freedonia. Nowdays, he is less active than he used to be, but he still considers himself involved in MCO community. Roostery: tttttttttttt ReverseDmitry: ttttttttt mineman_legend46: tttttttttttttt