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User snthetic
Gender Male
Location Sweden
DOB 2000-03-22
Occupation Mechanic
In Freedonia
First joined 7th of November, 2019 (technically 9th of December 2017)
First building 5x5 house on a nice hill ≈2k blocks from spawn
Donor level * Donated
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Found McO on YouTube while searching for a Minecraft server in november of 2019 and first joined under his old username Eschken registered in 2014,
some dumb username he'd been using for years in various other games.

Got a warning from ReverseDmitry (yes, the guy that was banned for duping slowriot heads) for breaking some fence to get wheat, minutes after joining.
Unknowingly of the Nexus system, walked a few thousand blocks until he found a nice hill and has since based there.
Knowing that cheats were not allowed, he searched for bugs and found one that let him see underground and used this a dozen of times to find and loot dungeons.
He was eventually caught be a moderator and after being informed that exploitation of bugs was considered cheating, he immediately stopped with his funny business.

After months of seeing moderators having to deal with peabrained griefers, snthetic grew a desire to help the staff team with moderating and therefore dm:d an admin with his wish to help.
He was told, to his great surprise, that he was already being considered because the admin "could tell [snthetic] want to help the server". And so, on the 15th of February 2020, he was thaught moderating by Eclypto18, and promoted to moderator.

Userpage still in progress as there's much to tell and I'm trying to remember everything that has happened over the 1129 hours I've currently played on the server :)