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User xmaragd

Conqueror of the Underworld

Known as xmaragd, xmara, snth
Gender Male
Location Sweden
DOB 2000-03-22
In Freedonia
First joined 9 December 2017
First building 5x5 house ~1000 blocks from spawn
Donor level **** Donor IV
Kit level ***** Demigod
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Originally known as snthetic. As of late, most of his time online consists of hunting mob spawners, chatting and tending to his store at One Diamond Plaza.

Avid collector of various rare items such as reputation cookies and spawn eggs (his favourite collectibles are those that aren't supposed to exist).

Likes to help out new players by showing them around and giving out gear.

Can often be found fishing in the spawn pond.

Promoted to moderator on February 15th 2020. Resigned on June 1st 2020 due to various reasons, mainly a disagreement with admin's decisions and to take a much needed break.

Returned to staff on May 21st 2022, and resigned for the last time on October 12th 2022.

< SenatorApple>Snthy: logs in. 
Server: Why do I hear boss music?


  • Reputation cookies from friends and famous players.
  • Spawn eggs.
  • Friendly players.
  • The wither boss.
  • Automated farms.
  • Mob spawners.


  • Griefers
  • Trolls.
  • Noob huts.
  • Destroyed terrain.