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User TheDarkrai85
Known as Darky
Gender Male
Nationality American
DOB 1992-01-02
In Freedonia
First joined 09 March 2012
Staff member Admin
Donor level *** Donor III
Kit level *GOD*
Legacy donor level ***** Demigod
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TheDarkrai85 and Zomon333 at the Vault. TheDarkrai85: Assed my own mess up TheDarkrai85: Wait, messed my own ass up

TheDarkrai85, otherwise known as Darky in chat, is best known for complaining about what's wrong with things and feeding random people with his Aether Donor commands. Not much else is known about him and he is a very chatty cathy when opened up and is well liked by most of the MCO population.

One day he hopes to upload screenshots of his project builds, but never can find the time to do it.

He has also attended the Grandest Party Thrown to Date


  • Capture the Flag: Grief Arena (Under Renovation)
  • Oaisis Isle (Hiatus)

  • ????? City (W.I.P.)

Completed Projects

  • skybirdthing's Awesome Strip Mine
  • Banhammer Island (Visit the Orange Nexus Hub)
  • S.S. WaffleShorts

Project's Worked On

  • The Catacombs
  • Black Pearl Casino
  • The Pyramid
  • Party of Shindigity Proportions


  • TheDarkrai85 is responsible for 99% of what you see on this page
  • TheDarkrai85 also has no idea how to edit wiki pages fmxstick made the scorpion too realistic...