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User twinchicken86

Creeper hunter.

Known as Twinchicken86, Twin, Chicken, anything that's properly capitalized.
Gender male
Location Middle of Nowhere, Colorado
Nationality 'Murica
DOB 1999-Something-Something
Occupation High school student, chicken farmer
In Freedonia
First joined January 17, 2012
First building Game City Hotel
Donor level ***** Diamond
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< winx51> TWIN YOU WHORE

< twinchicken86> God dammit why does everyone hate me


Twinchicken86 came to MinecraftOnline after being told about the server by his real-life friend, thebiologist13. Since then, Twinchicken86 has been a fairly frequent player of MCO.

Twinchicken86 became an iron-level donor sometime around May 2012, after working on Game City for a while. Thebiologist13 being the founder of Game City and the creator of most of the buildings, Twin gives most of the credit to him. However, the Game City Hotel and the Game City Maze are exclusively Twin's designs and creations. As thebiologist13 no longer frequents the server, Game City is (for the most part) managed, ran, improved, and expanded by Twinchicken86.

UPDATE: Game City has been pretty much abandoned as of September 2013.

Twin now comes to IRC under the nickname "Twinchicky" much more often than he comes ingame, although he very recently built his first-ever house on MinecraftOnline, after ironically playing for more than two years. Twin previously lived in a cave before he constructed and lived in the upper floor of the Game City Hotel.

< aprx> Well, this is actually the back side of my medieval-themed village

< twinchicken86> So this IS Sparta

< twinchicken86> The ass of Sparta, but nonetheless

< aprx> Now that's a conversation starter


TwinCities is a project started by Twin sometime in mid- to late-2013 with an overambitious vision and insufficient supplies. The eventual goal of the project is to have two floating (In the ocean) cities connected by a bridge, each city divided out into a large number of 20x20-block plots for people to build. TwinCities is also supposed to eventually have an underwater FRS station and possibly a nexus node or warp, but knowing Twin's painfully slow, perfectionist working pace, this probably won't happen for a long, long time.

Recent Activity

Twin was promoted to moderator on July 28, 2014. He's also taken a liking to puns...

< CaptianNugget> You know Twin's around when the puns start flowing