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User CaptianNugget
Gender Male
In Freedonia
First joined 25 February 2013
Donor level ***** Aether
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About CaptianNugget

CaptianNugget is a friendly player who loves helping out others. He generally serves as a taxi for others with his donor commands. He also enjoys cave mining/spelunking and has been known to abandon builds for days just to mine, much to the dismay of thesprazzler. He also tends to give away his resources to those who need them.



  • griefers
  • people who come on just to ask for staff
  • ugly/unfinished buildings


Before he entered Freedonia, CaptianNugget had never really played Minecraft. He found the server the day after a friend convinced him to buy the game. When he first came into the server he didn't know anyone and so he promptly set to running as far from spawn as possible to avoid any PVP. His intention was to set up a base as far from other peoples structures as possible. After running for an hour and still seeing more and more buildings, he managed to find the map on the website. Although shocked by the vast distances he decided to set out for the southeastern corner of the map. It took him two play sessions but eventually he was getting close to his goal when he ran into an unseen force. Something shouted at him in chat about a world border. When CaptianNugget tried to go through again he was promptly glitched from the southeastern border to the Northeastern border. After managing to reestablish his position on the map again he was overjoyed to see that an unclaimed, pristine area awaited him just a few biomes over. Overjoyed he set out to claim this territory and build himself a little dirt shack to call home.