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User Vecxin

"Punky Looking Robotic Pirate Fox"

Known as Vecx, Vec, Vex, Foxy, FNAF Robot, Pirate
Gender Male
Location United States
Nationality British/Italian/Polish/Hispanic
DOB 2001 [6:55pm PST]-12-28th
Occupation C.S Robotics/A.I Student And Pizzeria Party Host
In Freedonia
First joined January 21st 2020
First building VecxTech Laboratories
Staff member Moderator
Donor level * Donated
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"AH A FURRY SCUM" trollingexpert

"Its almost as if there was a terrible storm in early 2020, and I got shipwrecked and I woke up on the shores of MCO." Vecxin

"Hehe look I'm Vecxin, I go Beep..Boop..arrr" winx51

"Then he threatened to ban me! What the fuck, Vecxin, dude. Oh my god. Jesus Christ. I'm fucking disappointed in you, Vecxin. Who the fuck are you anyway? Fuckin' Vecxin. Oh my fucking god. Jesus Christ. Vecxin, ugh..." - EuCrazed, very eloquently

Who is Vecxin?

Vecxin is generally friendly with all players. He tries to help out players who need it, but he won't shower them with diamonds, mainly because he keeps them for himself. He is a strong proponent of letting players find their own way when starting on the server, as that's how character is built. Socializing with the MCO Community is also a must for Vecxin, no matter how weird the conversation gets. Vecxin can rarely be seen killing players directly. His favorite things to do on the server is building, and trying out new red stone ideas, with varying success.

His name comes from on late 2015 afternoon where he was changing his Xbox Live gamer-tag. He then thought of the Vex (Robotic Hostile Race From the Destiny Series) and saw them as "cool". So he landed on "Vexon" back then. In mid 2020, he re-branded himself as "Vecxin" for a multitude of reasons, one being originality.

His in game appearance is that of an 1990s audio animatronic that is clearly a knockoff model of "Foxy The Pirate" from the fictional 2010s horror game, "Five Nights At Freddy's" series. As of 2020, he added a more unique defining features. Thus, he made it his YouTube channel Avatar in September of 2020. He calls this Electromechanical monstrosity "Vecxin" and is commonly seen around Freedonia often biting off multiple projects at once. He is also likely to get into your face, this may be an attempt at social interaction, but he seems to enjoy it.

Vecxin's YouTube Channel where he does gaming and commentary style videos. Some adventures taking place in the Land of Freedonia: "Vecxin's Channel"

2010s: "Let's Call this My Prelude" Vecxin first joined MinecraftOnline as Dr_Vex_Ender in mid 2017 because he was lusting for something. His nemesis from High School played on the server, and he wanted to hunt him down. However, after reading the rules, he realized that if he tried with his initial plans, he wouldn't last long. Something kept him from leaving though. He immediately proceeded to run away from spawn and find a place to settle. He built his first house, and lived a pretty reclusive lifestyle as he only played for a total of 9 hours. He then vanished. Leaving his little house, and unfinished mine. He also would login to check up on the server in 2018, and 2019 respectively. Although, he wouldn't really do much other than talk a little in chat with some players.

"Captain's Log: 2020"

January 2020

January 21st - I returned with another mission in mind this time, I feel that I am destined to have one hell of an adventure in the land of Freedonia. Building, plundering, and most of all, joining a community perfect for me. I have settled, perhaps due to nostalgia, or the realization of my vanishing childhood, near the Cathedral shortly after joining. I'm going to be honest, it reminds me of similar Alpha Builds I had made years prior. I fancy myself a bit of a scientist, I love seeing what boundaries can be broken...obviously within reason here. Rules are rules., I shall establish VecxTech Laboratories right behind this Cathedral where I shall reside.

Jan 30th - I have gotten myself familiar with these lands, met some nice faces, even got a haul from an unblocked chest. Then I met this cyborg looking....eyeball. Yes I said eyeball. He calls himself 1Catnip. We talked and gave me a tour of his "Justice League" building. Then shoved me into a chair that looked a bit odd and then proceeded have the chair [DATA REDACTED] me. I stood up and continued. Therefore I became a member of 1CNJL as the "Head of Cartography", basically I make big fancy maps. At the same time becoming a resident of Catini Catra and starting work on my settlement there.

February 2020

February 4th - This place is really neat, a bit weird I'll give it that. I have met the Moderator force member known as Void42_. He checked on me to assure that I was following the rules of these lands. He had a funny face, then again, people have told me my appearance is odd too. Build progress is swift, but pricey. These materials are tough to get or steal.

February 8th - I also met this masked figure, he looked strange, but somewhat...seducing. he held a firm grasp with a wooden axe, then proceeded to turn a block in VecxTech to [DATA REDACTED], that really hurt, but I was okay. This masked Admin was none other than WaffleNomster.

February 10th - I have filed my first 'greport' and it was fixed by dorn284. Some doofus placed ladders along a build that served no aesthetically-pleasing purpose. As you would imagine, this bothered me greatly.

March 2020

March 3rd - By this point, Multiple deaths from both regular players and moderators occur frequently in VecxTech Labs which prompts me to make the place a bit safer and secure after Dianthiauwu consistently tries to find new ways in areas he isn't supposed to be in.. Kinda ticks me off just a bit.

March 22nd - Began construction on a medieval looking compound not too far from Catini Catra, as well as started helping the city out by designing the Mob grinder exterior. 1Catnip is for sure exploiting me for my attention to detail, and work ethic but as long as he pays me with.....uhhh love?

March 30th - It was a full moon this past night, the spawn lake tide was moving at approx 1.43 ticks per second. It was a sight to see. I then received notice from the higher authority, a good friend too. Goes by techkid6. Notice told me to join up at the spawn region, it was a few moments after where I found myself on a new mission. Here is the text logs:

[Note that Vecxin was "Vecxon" at this time]

 < Vecxin> uhh test?
 < bawest> oh dang
 < techkid6> That dude right above me who just said test? He's a mod now!
 < Vecxin> It seems my mission status has been updated...
 < elitestarfox1> glowstone
 < xXOakTheTreeXx> gg
 < techkid6> Congratulations Vecxin!
 < techkid6> Welcome to the team :)
 < bawest> congratz vecxin!
 < winx51> :D
 < Vecxin> :D
 < elitestarfox1> YOOO congratz vecxin
 < MegaAccount> Congratz Vecxin

So that happened.

April 2020

April 1st -My first April fools with the server was....interesting to say the least. As the backup commenced I noticed BryBer at spawn beginning to kill everyone. I then asked to join Bryber using my immeasurable charm, and got decked out in some gear. I then began to kill people in the same fashion. However, after WaffleNomster blew up the visitor center, I shifted my focus to destroying things I then went out of spawn and destroyed many builds with tnt and flint and steel. I can recall destroying Cathedral, DrumCity, PirateShip, and Riot Castle. Note that I felt bad destroying the Pirate Ship, don't know who owned it, but what is he going to do about it?. I then encountered Anna_28 and exchanged salutations but we each went our own ways. After I was done griefing, I met up with Void42_ and went exploring to take some time away from the chaos that followed around the spawn region. Both of us came across MrSlimeDiamond who was trying to blow up a bridge, and I heroically killed him with my diamond saber. We then proceeded to destroy the Guitar and raid it. Void, and I then went own ways, and I proceed to burn down a jungle, and call it. I was depleted of any energy and will to continue, and went back to the spawn region with no will to fight anymore. Therefore, I was swiftly impaled by AlphaAlex115.

April 4th - Myself along with the rest of the staff team served to protect the server and help out new players during the The Great FitMC Invasion (April 4th 2020). This was my first real big influx of players. It was energetic, and full of life to say the least. Tomorrow there is going to be some more no doubt...

April 21st - I was tired tonight and decided to form my equivalent of a "gang" called "The Cardinal Crew", where on April 21st, myself and the members walked around and had some fun. I was also mounted by [DATA REDACTED]. I thought they were all going to fall down, but they were resilient.

May 2020

May 19th - I stole from Beeraeka. The chest was open and unblocked, what was I supposed to do? I also denounce "MCO Empires and Emperors". By doing so, I have become a wanted criminal by these fake Empires. Some even calling for my beheading. How un-stylistic of you? Although, these threats have led to me increasing security around my home in VecxTech Labs, cause some of these people are powerful to say the least.

May 31st - He finally came...the man himself. SlowRiot entered the land in which he owned it all. He didn't speak much, but what he said frightened some, and intrigued others..I was more curious about this suit-wearing lad than anything. Then I saw 5 of my fellow staff and friends become promoted to the rank of Admin. I couldn't have been more happier, they deserve it. winx51, AlphaAlex115, LewisD95, TheDemetri, and wait there was another.....enderman...of course! Eclypto18. What a day!

June 2020

June 7th - Today I worked on my project that I have been putting aside for a while, it has the appearance of a small medieval house. However, looks can be deceiving...I implore you fine reader to use your imagination as to what I am possibly alluding about, or where? Hopefully adding this wall won't make it suspicious.

July 2020

Jul 11th - VecxTech at this point has undergone many remodels, mainly to enhance the efficiency. I have also noticed how many of my prior designs placed are really stupid, and thus I have paid the price for it. mainly by having multiple players find their way in, so I will have to redo the metal doors.

Jul 20 - He is just everywhere! Beeraeka keeps finding his way into every single area of the labs. Maybe its not the labs he could be me? Why would he wan't to associate with me. I stole from his Verico state multiple times yet he doesn't seem to want to slay me? This is odd, I will investigate this deeper.

August 2020

August 4th (10th MCO Birthday) - Finally, I can feel cool and say that these lands of Freedonia are a decade old! I cannot imagine the nostalgia that some of the older dwellers have...Must be weird. I have ceased all projects for today, as I have been invited to join the first annual CTF Event for the 10th Birthday Event in the New Eden Arena. The your blunderbuss they were beautiful! Cake....everywhere, fireworks coming out of everywhere. (Probably a fire hazard). Your esteemed Vecxin was on the Blue team, and I fought till I could no longer walk. There was intensity, pain, enjoyment, and pure competition was all that was going through everyone. With the final match ending in a 12 v 12 dual. While I slew many, I found my final death at the end of a stone blade. The red team had won. It was a good game. Shortly after that, I attended the MCO Awards hosted by winx51. I found myself to be a nominee there, and of course a congratulations from myself to the winners. Shortly after these events, it had been quite a day. I wonder what the next 10 years hold for all of us gathered here....

Me and the Blue Team during the 10th B-Day CTF Match

September 2020

Sept 19th - Started the finishing touches on the VecxTech Labs Vault. The door systems only work for me, so don't even try it. Took a while to repeat the craftbook systems needed, but all in all, this should make my chestroom actually bearable.

Sept 23rd - Eclypto18 has granted me to opportunity to build a "Pirate Stash Ruin" in New Eden. I have a plan for this, not only is my face going to be in it, but I will add some puzzles to make it a mini adventure. There may be some treasure when players manage to find the exit. I may even tell an emotionally gripping story.

October 2020

Oct 8th - So there is this guy named Void42_. I have known him for almost a year now, and I have got to say that his facial structure is rather....interesting. He cannot look straight, and I don't really think that he is human at all. Anyway, I took his oddly shaped head, and made what is now known as The Voidbox. This is a monument to..uhh something. Perhaps its not what is on the outside, but rather what is on the inside...

Builds/Establishments In Freedonia

VecxTech Laboratories is Vecxin's Main Residence since he re-joined in early 2020.
Freddy Fazbear's Pizzaria Along with LordOfTheShadows
VecxTech Robotics is Vecxin's Facility where he "upgrades" players.
The Voidbox Its unknown for as to why this has to exist.
RGB (Really Gay Building) Vecxin helped build this with Void42_ and winx51.
Arrvecxiia Founder and main bulider.

Random Information Bytes That You Probably Don't Really Need To Know

-Vecxin's first video game was "Star Trek: Elite Force" in 2005. He played that game for about 5 years and still plays occasionally. He also grew up watching Star Trek: Voyager, and Next Generation, as well as many other sci-fi shows.

-Started playing Minecraft in 2010 when he was in 3rd grade, but couldn't figure out how to join servers. Therefore while he had the ability to join MCO in 2010, he probably would have built a boxy house and left, actually no he was probably foolish enough to break the rules, so he may have actually end up banned.

-Before joining MCO, Vecxin was an avid player of the indie game "Total Miner: Forge" and played it from 2011-2015 rigorously. In that community he quite literally built a name for himself, and at the same time got much better at building in sandbox-based games. The building part he would take with him to Minecraft. In December of 2019, Total Miner was announced to be continuing development for a PC port.

-He would go on to create his YT Channel on January 1st 2021, and actively uploads gaming or commentary videos amidst the COVID-19 Pandemic and out of sheer will to entertain himself.

-Vecxin in the real world enjoys Programming robots/computers, and is currently working towards a hopeful Masters/PhD in A.I Engineering as he has always been fascinated with the concept of human-like robots. He recalls liking Robots since watching the Disney film "Wall-E" in 2008, then other sci-fi games/movies furthered his interest.

-Vecxin has been playing the trumpet since 2012, and has been in band all throughout Middle and High School. He was the Drum Major of his High School Marching band from (2018-2019) and (2019-2020). Yet he doesn't know that much about Music Theory...