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"I've never been to the Nether, but I hear it's a nice place to vacation." -Ray Tracing, Snapshot 23w13a_or_b
green_settlements.png Nether
2022-08-20 16.54.12.png

Welcome to Hell

Founder Unknown
Category Settlements
Underground? Yes
Fortified? No
Public access? Yes
Public build? Yes
Size north to south 5250m
Size west to east 5250m
Road link? No
Nexus link? No
Rail link? No
Boat link? No
Portal? Yes
Coordinates X=-21
Dimension Nether
Map Link

The Nether is an alternate world which is possible to enter via a Minecraft_Wiki_Icon.png Nether Portal. It is a vast and dismal hellscape occupied only by beasts the likes of which the overworld has never before seen.

The first expedition party enters the portal

Portals can be activated by anyone who is able to use flint & steel which includes donors of the Nether level or higher, admins, and moderators. If a portal exists too close to each other, its destination will merge into one solid portal, never to others.

Be aware that the Nether can be regenerated at any time so anything constructed there will be wiped out.

Glowstone is a popular item to obtain in the nether, however, ghasts can make the task difficult. Its drops, ghast tears, have become a valuable commodity as ghasts do not spawn regularly, possibly due to low TPS. Glowstone has also become rare in high-traffic areas due to the number of people who have already mined most of it over the years.

Donor movement commands are available in the nether to those with the Nether Donation Package, or with the nether kit that can be obtained with Tokens.


Zombie Pigmen, Magma Cubes and Ghasts are present. Ghast's fireballs cause damage to players but not the terrain. There are also Blazes and Wither Skeletons which spawn inside nether fortresses or with mob spawners.

The Silent World above Hell

While it is known that the bedrock border exists both on the bottom and the top layer in Hell, the top layer bedrock had been breached using bugs in the past. With movement commands and tokens becoming a thing, over-Nether started to populate. There are also Lift signs to get up to, so it is easy to access the hidden part of the Nether.

In this part of the Nether, there are as close as to no obstructions by mobs due to the surface being bedrock.

Fake Nether

The Nether dimension was added on Minecraft Beta 1.6, or on 18 June 2011 in MinecraftOnline. Before that and on Release 1.3 (due to a server-breaking bug), players could go to a Nether-like underground to experience Hell. The demand for glowstone was very high and often caused casualties from PvP. One of two Fake Nethers still exists somewhere in Freedonia.

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