Anna's Holiday House

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green_houses.png Anna_28's Holiday House

The house and pink tree

Owner Anna_28
Contributors Pieapple42, CavyX, Mechman007
Category Houses
Underground? Partly
Public? Yes
Size north to south 9m
Size west to east 8m
Height 9m
Coordinates X=-227
Dimension Overworld
Settlement Holidonia
Map link

Upon joining Holidonia, Anna_28 spawned in a nice flower forest biome and decided it would be a good place to build a house. It is built out of oak wood and has pink carpet inside. Outside is a fenced area for animals, and five beehives are located on the other side of the house. A fern and blue orchid are in pots outside a window, this flower is one of the only flowers naturally found in flower forests.

Under the house is a stairway to the mine and fishing platform by the lake in the side of the cliff, Mechman007 also has a fishing island across the lake. A natural small floating island with a tree can be seen nearby the house.

Due to the Holidonia map being anarchy, the house had been almost burned down twice, but rebuilt each time. And one time it was encased in a dirt cube with water inside. Mostly commonly though some blocks were stolen and beds broken.

After obtaining red mushrooms from Mechman007, a pink tree was created beside the house.


Inside the house is a tamed dog named Doggy with a pink collar, and a fox named Foxy. Outside the house are other animals like pigs and chickens, as well as a tamed horse with diamond horse armour named Silly. Slightly further away from the house is an area contained within cobblestone walls which has nether-blocks inside and lava for a Strider.