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< Darkerfly> fellow head hunter! you better made a head deal with him before he hunt you down. He is still one of the nicest person though.
< GriffinLord12> tbh not a bad guy 
< 1Catnip> Those eyes... Those soulless devilishly blank eyes... Sure, in-game they appear normal, but don't let that fool you. On the discord, telegram, and even this very wiki... They will haunt you. Treachery and devils cannot be avoided when gazing into the dual abysses of blankness, immortality, and utmost fear of the human psyche. Do they feel? Because I do not, staring into them.
User Mechman007

Teddy bear

Known as Mech
Gender Male
Location NZ
DOB 1996-00-
In Freedonia
First joined June 28, 2020
First building House in the middle of a forest
Donor level * Donor
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Mechman007 is the server fisherman and #1 collector of heds. A glimpse of this hed collection can be found in Mech's Land of Hed Art. There is a huge backlog of heds (majority - over 1k) yet to be made into art - the goal is to not let these go to waste; some day all will be art :)

His base has a black market with cheaply available armor and weapons, as well as a PVP arena and a hed art path (see Mech's Land of Hed Art).

Mechman was promoted to moderator on December 2, 2020, and was demoted on January 17, 2022 for a ban made beyond their authority as a moderator. He issued the ban in protest of the absolute freedom of speech policy, which he felt enabled child predation and encouraged toxifying the community.