Anubis Highway

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green_infrastructure.png Anubis Highway

FUSS Route W3, Freedonia Route 5

Owner shypixel
Contributors Unknown
Category Infrastructure
Underground? No
Public? Yes
Started Unknown
Completed Before 2013
Height 7m
Coordinates X=-1817
Dimension Overworld
Map link

The Anubis Highway is a mid-sized elevated road stretching from directly north of the Central Nexus to the Underworld. It's builder is shypixel, and it appears to have been built in the early days of the server. The highway has been named and cataloged by the Freedonia Road Co., and designated as Route 5. It serves as a connection from the Central Nexus to several of their highways.


From the Central Nexus, head out north towards the pink wool, and make a slight right at the pig building. Behind that building you will see a large staircase leading to the Anubis Highway, which is the elevated road you are looking for.


ArtVille Highway

The closest intersection of the highway to the Central Nexus is the ArtVille Highway (Route 44) stretching West, as well as a small connecting road to the East, the Underworld Connector (Route 44a) which also brings you to the Underworld as well as the Campbell Tower.

Nearby Destinations


The highway got its name from the Nexus it connects to, which, during development, was codenamed "Project Anubis."