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Bullying is the act of repeated, targeted acts of harassment involving violence and/or theft. Since the term is officially left open to interpretation, it has been a topic of contention. Most typically, it is defined on MCO as PvP used for merely for the purpose of denying another player the ability to play the game.

What counts as bullying

  • Repeated and unwelcome aggressive acts against an unwilling and unconsenting player, who has priorly asked the aggressor to leave them alone.

Acts of aggression can include but are not limited to:

  • Attacking in player-versus-player combat PvP,
  • Targeting a player for repeated theft,
  • Killing a player's animals,
  • Following a player around or behaving in a threatening manner, even if no actual combat is initiated,
  • Inciting other players to attack the victim, so no one person can be blamed for repeated PvP.

The last point merits an additional note. The staff take a very dim view of anyone attempting to organise coalitions or gangs for the purpose of disrupting other players' enjoyment of the game, or harassing individuals. Organising gangs attempting to bypass bullying rules by having each individual only kill the victim once has has been attempted before, and has always led to the ban of the ringleaders.

What is not bullying

"i will report this to notch hes the one who made minecraft" -getplayerhead.sh?Thor_Eleanor&16.png Thor_Eleanor

It's worth bearing in mind that not all aggression counts as bullying; after all, MinecraftOnline is a survival server, and combat and death are a natural part of the game. The following actions do not count as bullying:

  • Occasional infrequent PVP
  • Non-repeated looting of unlocked chests
  • Grief does not fall under the bullying category; any grief is subject to an immediate and permanent ban, and is not open to negotiation.
  • Private message spam also falls under the normal spam rules, and is again subject to a permanent ban.
  • Individual acts of aggression as a response being provoked by another player (e.g. offensive 'trolling' in chat, PvP, or other acts of aggression) will not be counted as bullying.
    • If the "victim" of the acts of aggression continues to provoke other players, their individual responses will continue to not count as bullying.
    • The "victim" must cease provoking other players and request that the aggression stop before further actions may be considered bullying. This is a mandatory step.
    • Responses to provocation may be considered bullying if they continue after the "victim" has ceased provocation and requested that the aggression stop.

MCO values free speech, which means you can say what you want without being banned for it, however, It does not mean that you're immune to the in-game results of angering other players on the server. Actions have consequences.

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Dealing with Bullying

If you feel you are being subjected to unwelcome contact by another player, the first action to take is to ask them, publicly, to desist. This is a mandatory step; if you are preparing to ask a member of staff to intervene on your behalf, the first thing they will ask you is whether you have asked the attacker to stop.

If you have asked your assailant on one or more occasions to stop and they have not, then you can report the matter to the administration by sending a detailed email to Admin email image.png They can then issue a formal warning to the assailant to desist and leave you alone; if they fail to do this, they can be permanently banned.

How to make sure you do not become a bully

PvP and looting are perfectly acceptable on MinecraftOnline, and are part of the survival nature of the server. That being said, if your intended actions are likely to spoil the game experience of another player, you should consider whether you want to go through with those actions. For instance, if someone is in the middle of a delicate build, it may be a pretty bad time to attack them.

If a player has asked you to stop attacking or looting them, or to leave them alone, then you should do so. Do not wait for a member of staff to intervene; if they have to tell you to stop, it is likely to result in a warning on your record, which can then lead to an immediate ban on any further infraction. And nobody wants that.

If in doubt as to whether someone minds engaging in random PvP, you may want to try returning anything you've taken from them and gauging their response, and helping them to return to where they were previously, before ever considering attacking that player again. You may find that you've just made a new friend, or found a willing sparring buddy.

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