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User Krenath

The Immoveable Authority

Known as Krenath
Gender Male
Location Atlanta, GA
Nationality American
DOB -10-25
Occupation Software Developer
In Freedonia
First joined 10 March 2011
First building Caves near Cliffs Of Failure
Staff member Admin
Donor level **** Donor IV
Kit level *GOD*
Legacy donor level *GOD*
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Krenath in his human costume

< healthyuncle> i think krenath has oldest, but hes a boss
< AgentMuu>: yeah Krenath is the Aslan of IT workers
< healthyuncle> what you just said was incredibly rude

< Rayzion> Krenaths first girlfriend was Eve
< Krenath> Sticks and stone may break my bones but my boot up your ass is really going to hurt.


Sometimes found on Discord voice chat, Krenath was one of the more active admins is previous years, but has slacked off lately. Wise and very helpful he is a great person who has a no-nonsense attitude and put the server before all. He was a great contributor to the MCO community and revered by many.


Krenath joined the server on March 10th, 2011. He was promoted to Moderator 15 days later. He was promoted to Administrator 35 days after that. He resigned his position as Admin on July 28th, 2012. He returned to his Admin position on July 5th, 2015.

Krenath attributed his promotions to not waiting to be promoted to get out and try to help players and improve the server to the best of his abilities with the resources he had available at the time. As a non-staff Diamond donor, he was helping players learn the server and was handing out extra tools and armor to needy players and already combing the public areas for signs of grief.

Once promoted to Moderator, Krenath all but quit building areas of his own and focused on grief checks and repairing griefer damage. He spent a lot of time trimming the griefer population and a mere two weeks into his moderatorship, ended up fending off a 4chan raid almost singlehandedly by staying awake, online, and banning for a 30-hour stretch. During this time, he had an epiphany about grief, griefers, and abandoned areas which led to his belief that abandoned areas should not be repaired by staff unless its original owner logs on to report the grief. This permits the building to erode the griefer population while the griefers in turn erode the building. Eventually both the griefers and the building go away and someone else can build on that spot.

The next time Krenath had to deal with a 4chan raid, he had already been promoted to admin. This made things a lot easier since he merely deputized all the regular players online at the time, made them invincible, gave them diamond swords, and suggested they stalk new players and kill those that were observed to grief. That raid didn't last very long and many regulars were disappointed they missed the fun.

Krenath claims responsibility for suggesting to SlowRiot the promotions of BadSyntax, StanDudek, Charlesbaechler, rtkwe, zfleming1, dorn284, Lothendal, Drathus42, FlyingJellyfish, Broncoskip, Rayzion, and Enjoku to Moderator and for suggesting to SlowRiot the promotion of ShyPixel, AgentMuu, and zfleming1 to Admin. ...Whether or not Riot was already planning their promotions.

Krenath has always believed that the server owner should run the games as he sees fit and those who cannot handle that should find a different server to play on rather than expect the server to change to suit them. As his point of view has changed over time, he found himself looking for something different in a server and, to follow his own advice, decided to leave MCO amicably rather than work against the server in any way.

As an Admin

Krenath likes to think of himself as tough but fair. If a player follows the rules and doesn't try to ruin the game for others, they don't have to worry about Krenath bothering them.

He doesn't tolerate griefers. When confronting a griefer who wishes to avoid a ban or or who wishes to successfully appeal an existing one, just saying the right words isn't enough. Krenath requires the player prove they know and understand MCO's rules and genuinely intend to follow them from now on.

If the player can't do that, they'll get their ban and/or their ban appeal will be denied.

Donor Level

Aside from being a game Admin, Krenath is also a Super God legacy donor. Krenath was also second player on the server to donate to God level and the first (and so far only) player to donate to Super God level. This rank was obtained back when it was possible to donate money in exchange for ingame ranks.

"Admin Abuse"?

According to the server's rules, Donors are allowed to use all their donor powers in PvP combat, and staff are allowed to use for PvP only those powers that also exist as part of their Donor rank. Any powers a staff member has access to solely as a result of being staff are not permitted in PvP.

As a Super God donor, the vast majority of Krenath's in-game Admin powers are mirrored by his Donor rank, and thus allowable for PvP. This includes invulnerability, teleporting, teleporting others, the spawning of items, mobs, blocks, lightning, and even the use of WorldEdit along with a wide variety of other things.

As a result, Krenath rarely engages in PvP, and it's probably a good idea not to provoke him into it.



  • Active, constructive, self-reliant players who get things done.
  • Building
  • Players PvPing instead of whining about it.
  • His car: 2019 Corvette C7 Z06


  • Griefers
  • Being called by name repeatedly without being told why.
  • Being asked to teleport lazy players around.
  • Being told to "Tp to me!"
  • Being asked to spawn blocks for lazy players.
  • Being asked to build or destroy areas for lazy players.
  • Listening to players beg for daytime.
  • "pls", "plz" or "plox"
  • Trolls who join the server to abuse our "Free speech " policy to merely offend everyone they can.
    • Krenath is likely to return the favor and ensure that the troll is definitely offended too.
      • This may involve extensive use of what the troll invariably claims to be "Admin Abuse" (see above).


  • Bounties on PvP heads are on hold for the moment while Krenath considers ways to encourage true PvP and discourage simple spawn-killing or head-trading.
    • This will probably require code changes to the head dropping plugin to keep track ot the exact details of the PvP fight in the head's item lore so as to record such things as:
      • The XP level of the attacker.
      • The XP level of the victim.
        • This will be used to determine the exact value of the head rather than a set price for all heads.
      • The date and time of the kill.
      • The coords of the kill.
  • Krenath could previously be convinced to pay a stack of any legal block in exchange for the head of a player taken in actual PvP combat.
    • It had to be a head taken from a player who didn't want to be killed and who fought back.
    • Heads taken from a willing player were worthless and would not be accepted.
    • Examples of illegal blocks Krenath won't give out include (but are not limited to):
      • Spawners (because of lag)
      • Bedrock
      • Barrier blocks
      • Command blocks
      • Dragon Eggs
      • Player and mob heads
      • Elytra (because go get one yourself)
      • End and nether portal blocks
      • End Portal Frame blocks and End Crystals
  • Krenath can be convinced to pay a set of enchanted diamond armor and weapons in exchange for interesting items such as:
    • Items with interesting Lore on them
    • Signed books with interesting contents.
    • Maps with interesting images on them.

< Krenath> I am a proper noun, not a verb.
< Krenath> If I were a verb, it would not be a pleasant action.