Caravelle Zero

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green_ships.png Caravelle Zero

The ship as seen from the water.

Owner 00Zero00
Category Ships
Underground? No
Public? No
Size north to south 100m
Size west to east 32m
Height 69m
Coordinates X=4100
Dimension Overworld
Map link
The ship as seen on the map.


If the historical sources are correct, the ship was meant to become a pirate ship. But the sails now rather imply a connection to templars. It was first sighted a short time after Port Dhal was founded, but does not seem related to the town.

At the time of writing, it is the largest sailing vessel ever sighted on the oceans of Freedonia.

The shipbuilder was 00Zero00.


Standing on the seaside walls of Port Dhal or on the shore nearby looking west towards the Isle of Muu, you can often see the ship sailing by.

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