Catnip's Home and Missile Silo

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green_houses.png Catnip's Home and Missile Silo
2020-04-19 17.33.53.png
Owner 1Catnip
Contributors Flamehaze97
Category Houses
Underground? Yes
Public? If you can figure out the secret entrance and password ;)
Completed In progress
Coordinates X=1059
Dimension Overworld
Settlement Dragon River Peak City
Map link

The only way for missiles to be fired is for the number 42069 to be chosen at random out of 1,000,000,000 numbers. A new number is chosen every 6 hours, and a random set of coordinates are generated alongside. Also there is a giant red button and coordinate targeter, but that's less fun. 1Catnip showing the Password Input Mechanism to Flamehaze97 that allows entry into the Silo