Dragon River Peak City

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nexus_cities.png Dragon River Peak City
Founder getplayerhead.sh?Flamehaze97&16.png Flamehaze97
Contributors getplayerhead.sh?Cafi95&16.png Cafi95 getplayerhead.sh?FalicitySmoak&16.png FalicitySmoak getplayerhead.sh?RyanTheMemelord&16.png RyanTheMemelord getplayerhead.sh?Ken_Wold&16.png Ken_Wold getplayerhead.sh?snakyman&16.png snakyman getplayerhead.sh?Leah_Starcraft&16.png Leah_Starcraft and many others.
Category Cities
Underground? No
Fortified? Yes
Public access? Yes
Public build? Yes
Road link? Yes
Nexus link? Yes
Rail link? Complete, needs functionality
Boat link? Yes
Portal? Yes
Coordinates X=875
Dimension Overworld
Map link

A Southern Freedonia hub city in the deep southern expanses of Freedonia, 1500-3000m from the nearest services and towns. Serves as a community hub for many players traveling in the region.

Statement from Flamehaze97

  • Anyone who wants to build in Dragon River must /mail or dm me in Discord. Also if I'm not available please contact a admin. The town is a free build and I do have plans so please ask before building. I constantly monitor the map so any builds that are built within city limits will be reported to admins. -getplayerhead.sh?Flamehaze97&16.png Flamehaze97 5-31-2020
  • If you haven't finished a build but "have permissions" to build in Dragon River Peak City, you may work on those builds. Any future builds built "without permissions" will amount in grief and will be reported. -getplayerhead.sh?Flamehaze97&16.png Flamehaze97 11-20-2020


Dragon River is the capital of State of Cascadia Wood. It's sister town of 7 residents is New Wood 10k blocks back north towards Spawn owned by getplayerhead.sh?Ken_the_Husky&16.png Ken_the_Husky

Cascadia Wood Republic joined Bedrocco Empire as the State of Cascadia Wood on March 16,2020. Then later became the United Bedrocco States with Sand Island and finally became the United States of Freedonia.

Left Left Flag of Cascadia Wood and the Imperial Seal of United States of Freedonia

How to get there?

Nexus: Lime 2 Nexus Far Right Pad
Nether Highway: Walk 2100-2300m down the Nether South Highway and walk into the fortress. Ask Flame for help if needed, she will direct you there.
By Road: From The City of Vera, travel north for 2.5km on S9 (Route 101) and take a right at route S13 Great Vera Highway. Take a right on S131 Freedonia Route 54 and after a short distance, follow signs at the roundabout to enter downtown Dragon River Peak City.
From Red Steam/NHCity, travel east along S20 Mesa Plains Highway and take a right onto S13 Great Vera Highway. Follow S13 south and then take a left on S131 Freedonia Route 5. After a short distance, follow signs at the roundabout for Downtown Dragon River Peak City.
From Spawn, go up the stairs towards the public farms. Head south on Occidental Highway. This is a very long walk. Take a right on S93 towards Westwood, then go left on S9 (Route 101). Shortly after take another left onto S13 Great Vera Highway. Follow S13 south past Neo Tokyo. Turn left onto and follow S36 Freedonia Route 93. Take the ramp for HyperRoute 35 South and follow the signs for downtown Dragon River Peak City.

Dragon River Peak City Town Staff

Town staff now oversee the city.

1. getplayerhead.sh?KingServal&16.png KingServal  -  Vice Mayor 

2. getplayerhead.sh?1Catnip&16.png 1Catnip - Inspector/Anti-Grief Agent

3. getplayerhead.sh?Bennyblazeit&16.png Bennyblazeit - Commissioner

BillionPenny and Runarlogi have full perms given to them. Anyone else also has perms now.

Any political builds other than the existing ones, and damage to the town, will count as grief to Flame and must be reported to staff.

History of Dragon River Peak City


Thousands of years ago the DRPC was orignally a volcano lul.


A few months before getplayerhead.sh?Flamehaze97&16.png Flamehaze97 came across the now Dragon River Peak City, getplayerhead.sh?Draglide12&16.png Draglide12 was exploring the vast south when he came across the same exact mountain valley we come to call Dragon River Peak City. Drag placed a historical sign "drag wuz here" in what is now Annabelle Park.

Road builder

One day in the middle of November 2019, getplayerhead.sh?Flamehaze97&16.png Flamehaze97 was in the middle of building the Great Vera Highway which many use today. She decided when she got the road to Vera that she'd build there. Little did she know it would be a hub for those traveling in the south.

Great Beginnings

getplayerhead.sh?Flamehaze97&16.png Flamehaze97 and getplayerhead.sh?Cafi95&16.png Cafi95 both were hanging out prior to Thanksgiving 2019 and decided to work on the town. The town was originally supposed to built within the mountain but that changed after more and more players came to the town. Cafi95 built their city house and helped build the frame of the now DRPC City Center and Dragon River Penthouses. As well as the pathways up top around the rim of the mountain. The town also originally had two other skyscrapers planned but were scrapped.

Flourishing town

Over the course of the next few weeks, around 25 players have came to Flame's town and built there. See the District Directory below.

Spring 2020 Update

So towards the end of March 2020, Flame decided since she was mostly done with Project Cleanup and had a few things here and there to work on, that she'd go build some more in Dragon River. The town has acquired a few new buildings since she last was there. Also the wool farm in the town was griefed Mid March 2020, so she replaced the sheep and so far has 3 in the wool farm as of 3-27-2020. The week of April 12, 2020 saw the return of Dragon River's co-original founder getplayerhead.sh?Cafi95&16.png Cafi95 who helped redo the City Center structure in Dragon River Peak City. Not much traffic in the town during the month of April, as Flame is soloing her builds and remodeling her home. The Luna Forest Plot District and Fort Boone sprung up during this time and getplayerhead.sh?pretzel33&16.png pretzel33 is currently helping Flame with her Train Station around the city.

Fit Invasion of April 4, 2020

On the morning of April 4,2020, as getplayerhead.sh?Flamehaze97&16.png Flamehaze97 was on for a few hours to start working on Fort Boone Air Force Base and Loves Travel Stop at Exit 2B after meeting with getplayerhead.sh?BennyBlazeIt&16.png BennyBlazeIt who was inactive for several months, she noticed a influx of new players. Unaware of the news, she started reading chat and noticed there was a video posted that morning by Fit himself just four days after visiting MCO during the April Fools Anarchy Day over on Minecraft Java Edition 1.4.6. A hour and a half into the invasion the server reached full capacity with 120 players for just a few seconds. Around 1pm Eastern on 4-4-2020, the Nexus system was closed off and Bedrocco Empire was placed under lockdown. However, Flame failed to block off her nexus in time and is worried that the town may sustain heavy grief during invasion. The worst affected may be the Capital city of the old Cascadia Wood Republic, known as New Wood, which is directly on the front lines of the invasion at around 8k blocks from Spawn along one of the servers main routes built by getplayerhead.sh?Tindwcel&16.png Tindwcel. Thankfully Flame has her most important items placed in a Ender Chest and her diamond gear as well as her food in password protected chests. Since Flame has not finished her last few roads of her Borderlands/HyperRoute project, she is also worried about potential sustained grief along her routes. Most worry some is the ones that have no signage placed yet. The aftermath stretched onwards for months but Dragon River was spared from the griefing that took place to towns as far as New Wood.

Summer 2020 Update

At the beginning of May 2020, Flame turned her attention to other projects and eventually took a hiatus at the end of the month. The town is currently somewhat dead with few travelers passing through or people having short lived ideas to further expand on the city. Flame is currently playing on Elder Scrolls Online grinding her Nightblade and she's unsure when she will fully come back to the game. She is possibly looking at Holiday 2020 but she's also looking at events around the world and she's unsure if things will be stable then as things have been slowly deteriorating since she started consistently playing Fall 2019.

Fall 2020 Update

Most of the summer, Dragon River became somewhat of a ghost town. Flame wanted to take a break from projects so she went more to do irl stuff. On July 4th, 2020, she had a falling out with a player and 2 admins and was banned on the Discord server. She went on hiatus and focused more on irl stuff and playing Elder Scrolls Online. A few players had come to see the town while she was on hiatus. She came back on 9-16-2020, and built some new builds in the town like the building shell to the Fox News Building, and 3 2D statues, as well as the F302 from Stargate SG-1. getplayerhead.sh?Leah_Starcraft&16.png Leah_Starcraft helped build the Herobrine Statue and shrine. The shrine says "Worship". Flame went during most of October and early November of 2020 and worked on the last of her projects outside of Dragon River. There were a few tweaks here and there. Mainly admin world editing a build off another build or maybe just checking up on Flame. She finally came back to her town around mid November 2020. Leah scrapped her ambitous tower since she had completely forgotten about it. Flame might hire getplayerhead.sh?r9q&16.png r9q to build in that spot. getplayerhead.sh?Inspector_Foix&16.png Inspector_Foix helped build the train stations in Flame's town. The Slowriot Update statue was built with a iron sword or easier material build to be added later and was built by getplayerhead.sh?Leah_Starcraft&16.png Leah_Starcraft. Flame also connected her rail line to the main southern rail line and finished the bulk of her boat route with the help of getplayerhead.sh?Anna_28&16.png Anna_28. Flame also has been hard at work finishing off projects in each district. Downtown District and Luna Forest District being nearly completed with a few minor setbacks. Flame also attempted to connect her Lavatown inspired Nexus to the Nexus System but failed due to it being a rare occassion and how big it was built. The build will now be repurposed into a town directory or maybe a cool build. Only time will tell. Also should note there are horses in that build. Flame plans the last half of November and the first half of December 2020 to finish with all Dragon River projects. In December 2020 and the first of January 2021, Flame finishes her wikis up. In Early to Mid January 2021, Flame finishes Dragon River's projects. Flame leaves MCO on 1-7-2021 and transfers ownership to getplayerhead.sh?KingServal&16.png KingServal

Dragon River 1 Year Anniversary

Flame celebrates 1 year since the founding of Dragon River Peak City on November 20, 2020.

Historical Gallery of Dragon River

Dragon River at Night.jpg AnnabelleBusinessDistrictDRPC442020.jpg DragonRiver422020.jpg Ourproudleaderisbuiltlul.png GolumandBennybuilding in DRPC 121419.png DRPC120419.png DRPC112819.png Dragon River November 2019.png Tbu7St8.jpg NuTZeqF.jpg

👤 Residents of Dragon River Peak City

Residents of Dragon River Peak City as of April 17, 2020



The founding district of Dragon River Peak City
Map Name Owner(s) Photo Info


River Valley Hotel and City Center

getplayerhead.sh?Flamehaze97&16.png Flamehaze97 getplayerhead.sh?Cafi95&16.png Cafi95 and a few others

2020-10-19 17.13.43.png

River Valley Hotel and City Center offers travelers a room and many city services. Features:

  • getplayerhead.sh?Flamehaze97&16.png Flamehaze97's Museum
  • Luna View Cafe
  • Town Information
  • Post Office
  • Library
  • Skybar
  • Hospital
  • Police Station


Historic Dragon River

getplayerhead.sh?Flamehaze97&16.png Flamehaze97 getplayerhead.sh?Cafi95&16.png Cafi95 getplayerhead.sh?FalicitySmoak&16.png FalicitySmoak getplayerhead.sh?RyanTheMemelord&16.png RyanTheMemelord getplayerhead.sh?Draglide12&16.png Draglide12 getplayerhead.sh?KingServal&16.png KingServal getplayerhead.sh?Beeraeka&16.png Beeraeka getplayerhead.sh?doublehelix457&16.png doublehelix457 getplayerhead.sh?MegaAccount&16.png MegaAccount


Historical Dragon River features some of the town's earliest builds with a few new additions along the way, such as:

Horse Stables getplayerhead.sh?Flamehaze97&16.png Flamehaze97 Has basic services like a crafting table and a furnace. Has a few horses and one fast white one, all with armour.


Ancient Nexus Portal

getplayerhead.sh?Flamehaze97&16.png Flamehaze97

2020-11-20 13.37.14.png

A ancient nexus portal, how long it's been here is a mystery even for the best of Freedonia's scholars. Could be as old as this long dormant volcano.


Flamehaze97 Player Statue

getplayerhead.sh?Flamehaze97&16.png Flamehaze97 getplayerhead.sh?Leah_Starcraft&16.png Leah_Starcraft

2020-04-19 17.44.15.png

Statue of Mayor getplayerhead.sh?Flamehaze97&16.png Flamehaze97's first player skin built by getplayerhead.sh?Leah_Starcraft&16.png Leah_Starcraft


Flanc Cabaret

getplayerhead.sh?ScarClaw72&16.png ScarClaw72


Flanc Cabaret is a winery and restaurant that helps expand the fine wine business into the southern expansion. Also includes the Cliffedge House with rentable rooms.


Freedonia Road Co. Supply Depot

getplayerhead.sh?Flamehaze97&16.png Flamehaze97 getplayerhead.sh?KingServal&16.png KingServal

2020-09-25 16.00.55.png

Supply Depot housing all the materials needed for Freedonia Road Co. road projects.


Japanese Torii Gate

getplayerhead.sh?Flamehaze97&16.png Flamehaze97

2021-01-01 14.46.53.png

The Japanese Torri Gate was built to show Flame's support of Japan and their anime industry as well as how much she loves the culture.

Annabelle Business

Major Business Hub, tons of neat builds, and the district was named after getplayerhead.sh?Anna_28&16.png Anna_28.
Map Name Owner(s) Photo Info


Flamehaze97 Player Home DRPC

getplayerhead.sh?Flamehaze97&16.png Flamehaze97 getplayerhead.sh?Teaacup&16.png Teaacup helped with the MCX121 Craftbook Gate Layout


Private Home of getplayerhead.sh?Flamehaze97&16.png Flamehaze97


Cascadia Wood Capital Building

getplayerhead.sh?Flamehaze97&16.png Flamehaze97

2020-04-19 17.38.59.png

Cascadia Wood Capital Building is the State of Cascadia Wood's Capital Building for matters regarding the state and within it's government of United States of Freedonia. The Capital Building has a Meeting Area for meeting and events, basic services while touring, and a brief history of the town along with heads of it's leaders.


Dragon River Statue Park

getplayerhead.sh?Flamehaze97&16.png Flamehaze97 getplayerhead.sh?Miaoler&16.png Miaoler getplayerhead.sh?1Catnip&16.png 1Catnip getplayerhead.sh?agracefulhobbit&16.png agracefulhobbit

2020-11-20 12.23.08.png 2020-11-20 12.23.28.png

The Statue Park is comprised of several statues including Raphtalia, Sans The Skeleton, Miaolers Watch Dog, and a few others like Kiyohime and Yui Yuigahama Statues, as well as the Gudako (Fujimaru Ritsuka-Female) Fate Grand Order Statue.


SlowRiot Explorer and Update Statue

getplayerhead.sh?Flamehaze97&16.png Flamehaze97 getplayerhead.sh?Leah_Starcraft&16.png Leah_Starcraft

2020-11-20 12.22.56.png

Statue of getplayerhead.sh?SlowRiot&16.png SlowRiot on Mount Dragon River facing south towards the unknown expanses. It was planned to build a sword facing outward but was quickly scrapped. Also plans for a diamond sword to be added instead of more common materials. However, a iron sword may still be added to the build in the near future. Flame helped provide Leah the materials and Leah built the statue.


Major Businesses and Attractions

getplayerhead.sh?Flamehaze97&16.png Flamehaze97, getplayerhead.sh?Bennyblazeit&16.png Bennyblazeit, getplayerhead.sh?Victorrasetti&16.png Victorrasetti, getplayerhead.sh?cafe7&16.png cafe7, getplayerhead.sh?WaffleNomster&16.png WaffleNomster, getplayerhead.sh?Leah_Starcraft&16.png Leah_Starcraft, getplayerhead.sh?Netrom5&16.png Netrom5, getplayerhead.sh?Prince_Valiant&16.png Prince_Valiant, getplayerhead.sh?Otis_Wong&16.png Otis_Wong, getplayerhead.sh?pizzaboxer&16.png pizzaboxer, getplayerhead.sh?1Catnip&16.png 1Catnip, getplayerhead.sh?TheGolum&16.png TheGolum and getplayerhead.sh?SkyRunnerFR&16.png SkyRunnerFR


All the major Businesses and Attractions of the Annabelle Business District including:

Luna Forest District

Home of the Luna Forest Chalet and lush spruce forests, nestled in the hills of the Dragon River Valley.
Map Name Owner(s)/Builder Photo Info


Luna Forest Chalet

getplayerhead.sh?Flamehaze97&16.png Flamehaze97

2020-11-20 10.27.21.png

Spacious meeting place in the heart of the district, can be used for any MinecraftOnline Event.


Sticks Furnace Build

getplayerhead.sh?Stick__&16.png Stick__

2020-04-10 18.08.06FurnaceBuild.png

Lots and lots of Furnaces!!!

Airport Plaza

Home of the Dragon River Airport
Map Name Owner(s) Photo Info


Dragon River Airport

getplayerhead.sh?Flamehaze97&16.png Flamehaze97

2020-04-19 17.32.39.png

Serves all of the United States of Freedonia and Phoenix Isles


  • Item Burner x2
  • Echest
  • Crafting Tables and Furnaces
  • Seating
  • Storage Chests


Flamehaze97 Ice Spike Home

getplayerhead.sh?Flamehaze97&16.png Flamehaze97 getplayerhead.sh?golumisbad&16.png golumisbad


Flame and Golum built a nice and compact home inside the tallest Ice Spike overlooking Dragon River Peak City right after Flame finished a long several hour run on one of her existing road projects at the time. Flame used everyone's favorite pickaxe enchant Silk Touch to build into the massive Ice Spike to build her home. The project took a few hours and looks really nice and gives a majestic view of the area from atop.


Dragon River Animal Farm

getplayerhead.sh?Flamehaze97&16.png Flamehaze97

2020-04-19 17.32.01.png

Dragon River Animal Farm is a town farm of Dragon River Peak City, which provides the basic animals that spawners in MCO can provide. Spawn rates are however slow but killing animals are allowed.


  • Pigs
  • Cows
  • Mooshroom Cows
  • Chickens


Church of Slowriot

getplayerhead.sh?MegaAccount&16.png MegaAccount

2020-04-19 17.29.25.png

Ever wanted to worship slowriot, the great lord that pays so you can enjoy the holy server, Minecraft Online? Well do I have a church for you.


Annabelle Tower

getplayerhead.sh?Flamehaze97&16.png Flamehaze97 getplayerhead.sh?Anna_28&16.png Anna_28

No Picture Available

Work In Progress


Dragon River Taco Bell

getplayerhead.sh?Flamehaze97&16.png Flamehaze97

2020-04-19 17.29.42.png

Fast Food Joint and Meeting Place for the United States of Freedonia delegation.


Dragon River Walmart

getplayerhead.sh?Flamehaze97&16.png Flamehaze97

2020-11-20 11.40.24.png

Commercial Mall for players to trade at


Stargate Atlantis Gate and DHD

getplayerhead.sh?Flamehaze97&16.png Flamehaze97


Stargate Atlantis Inspired Gate Build


getplayerhead.sh?Pokkoo&16.png Pokkoo's Golden Mall

getplayerhead.sh?Pokkoo&16.png Pokkoo

2020-11-20 11.50.29.png

Unfinished Build but future small commercial mall for players to trade in


Frosty The Ice Dragon

getplayerhead.sh?Wolf_War&16.png Wolf_War

2020-11-20 11.52.31.png

Cool Dragon Build on the outskirts of Dragon River's Airport Plaza District


Stargate SG-1 F302 Fighter Interceptor

getplayerhead.sh?Flamehaze97&16.png Flamehaze97

2020-11-20 11.59.19.png

The production model of the X-302 hyperspace fighter, an air and space superiority vehicle operated by the United States Air Force, the Russian Federation and possibly the People's Republic of China. It is Earth’s first viable space-worthy fighter-interceptor. First introduced in 2002 during Stargate SG-1 Season 6. More info here: https://stargate.fandom.com/wiki/F-302_fighter-interceptor


Herobrine Shrine

getplayerhead.sh?Flamehaze97&16.png Flamehaze97 getplayerhead.sh?Leah_Starcraft&16.png Leah_Starcraft

2020-11-20 12.06.20.png

HEROBRINE "Worship"-getplayerhead.sh?Flamehaze97&16.png Flamehaze97

Fort Boone

Home of the United States of Freedonia Fort Boone Air Force Base
Map Name Owner(s) Photo Info


Fort Boone Air Force Base

getplayerhead.sh?Flamehaze97&16.png Flamehaze97

2020-04-19 17.37.36.png

Air Base and Elytra Storage facility for United States of Freedonia


Loves Travel Center

getplayerhead.sh?Flamehaze97&16.png Flamehaze97

2020-11-20 10.50.26.png

Travel Center next to HyperRoute 35 offers players a quick place to supply up before continuing on their trek through Freedonia

Mout Dragon River Lookout getplayerhead.sh?Flamehaze97&16.png Flamehaze97 A nice place to take renders and screenshots of the city and the surrounding scenery from. Take the expressway from the yellow beacons to get to the lookout.

Railway System and Boat Route

Information on Dragon River's Railway System and Boat Route
Map Name Owner(s) Photo Info


Dragon River Rail Line

getplayerhead.sh?Flamehaze97&16.png Flamehaze97 getplayerhead.sh?LewisD95&16.png LewisD95 getplayerhead.sh?Inspector_Foix&16.png Inspector_Foix


Dragon River Peak City- Downtown District /st DowntownDRPC ↔ Annabelle Business District /st AnnabelleBus ↔ Airport Plaza District /st PlazaDRPC ↔ Fort Boone /st FtBoone


Syrus Boat Route-Dragon River

getplayerhead.sh?Flamehaze97&16.png Flamehaze97 getplayerhead.sh?Draglide12&16.png Draglide12 getplayerhead.sh?Anna_28&16.png Anna_28


Boat route extension of the Syrus Branch Boat Route. Serves as a boat route linking Gran Syre to Dragon River Peak City.

Free Build Zone

Map Owner(s) Info


getplayerhead.sh?Flamehaze97&16.png Flamehaze97 and Staff

Free Build Area, feel free to use this area to build whatever without perms. Tell staff Flame said you could. !!!Please do not grief or destroy someone's build or you will be reported for grief!!! Formerly the planned Casino District. The zone should be fenced by December 2020. Project was cancelled and was moved to open space just south of Downtown District Main Gate along Great Vera Highway. Free Build area is cancelled on 1-7-2021.

Other Structures

  • Trump 2020 Keep America Great Wool Build
  • Small Fox Statue
  • Creeper Statue


Districts of Dragon River Peak City (Updated 11-22-2020)
Dragon River Valley 3 months before getplayerhead.sh?Flamehaze97&16.png Flamehaze97 first joined MCO
Regional Map of Dragon River Peak City
Original plans to expand Dragon River with help from getplayerhead.sh?TomLaser2000&16.png TomLaser2000, project was abandoned as he hasn't come back to MCO since.
Plans for Man-made mountains in Dragon River

Town Roads

  • Main Street
  • Flamehaze Road
  • Lapis Mines Road
  • Diamond Street
  • Old Route 101
  • Brewing Road
  • Lookout Road
  • Route 92
  • Dragon Peak Road
  • Great Vera Highway
  • Airport Road
  • 1st West Street
  • 1st East Street
  • 2nd East Street
  • 3rd East Street
  • 4th East Street
  • Dragon Plaza Road
  • Blizzard Dragon Road
  • Luna Forest Road
  • Ravine Road
  • Norte Luna Road
  • Luna Forest Mine Road
  • Dragon Shadow Road
  • HyperRoute 35
  • Freedonia Route 91 (South Bay Bypass)


getplayerhead.sh?Anna_28&16.png Anna_28 and others needs to work on:

Scrapped Builds

  • Finish first 3 rail stations. Build Fort Boone Station.
  • Move harbor to Airport Plaza District.
  • Remodel Personal Home
  • Hydroplant near The Iron Reclaimer due to the scale of the project it was cancelled. It was also cancelled over fears of Addition Grief.
  • Grief Trap "I couldn't think of any ideas for grief traps and personally I think the ones back towards spawn are A tier."- getplayerhead.sh?Flamehaze97&16.png Flamehaze97
  • North and West Watch Towers
  • Fox News Building after they became a turncoat news outlet on 11-6-2020
  • getplayerhead.sh?Vryam&16.png Vryam and getplayerhead.sh?Imperial_Crise&16.png Imperial_Crise plans various farms in coming months for Dragon River- Vryam and Imperial have moved away from MCO and ownership of Crown's Landing was changed.
  • XP Grinder and Various Farms-Please use the grinder at Automata, nearest nexus is New Dublin. "I wasn't able to come up with enough spawners to tackle building the grinder so the project is scraped. May convert the building into a supply/rest area before leaving the server."-getplayerhead.sh?Flamehaze97&16.png Flamehaze97
  • Puddle Jumper Stargate Atlantis
  • Dragon River Telecommunications Tower- Inspired by the ATT (Bellsouth) Building aka Batman Building in Nashville,TN- Project has been abandoned by getplayerhead.sh?Leah_Starcraft&16.png Leah_Starcraft
  • Remodel Personal Home- I had more plans to take ideas from builds like my apartment in Phoenix Isles but the only addition I may make is the hot tub.
  • Nether Fortress Outpost- The outpost was in a planning phase but I'm canceling it due to leaving the server and because I still don't know what I want to do in there.
  • Dragon River District Nexus Hub- Built by getplayerhead.sh?MegaAccount&16.png MegaAccount in Spring 2020. After Flame worked to get her projects outside DRPC done and requirements getplayerhead.sh?Anna_28&16.png Anna_28 needed done before setting up through the new nexus, she attempted to get the new nexus set up but Dragon River was not significant enough like towns such as New Eden and Lavatown.

Left Flame and Anna attempting to setup the district nexus in mid-November 2020.