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User Flamehaze97

Fox Skin :)

Known as Flame, Lilith
Gender Female
Location United States
DOB 1997-07-10
In Freedonia
First joined 13 June 2019
First building HyperRoute 1 August 2019
Donor level *** Iron
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Flamehaze97 is a transfemale player from Tennessee. She first played Minecraft when you could play for free on the main site. She later played on Xbox 360 Edition. In Summer 2019, she logged onto MCO after watching Mines' video on MCO, as well as, FitMC's video on 2b2t. Flame loves roads and was inspired by the American Interstate System, as well as, roadways throughout the mountains of Tennessee, Virginia, and Kentucky. She also loved cities and wanted to build a city in MCO. Flame, gained inspiration from Sim City 2000 (1993) and Sim City 3000 (1999). Flame is known for building cobble roads, modified Tindwcel style roads, Tindwcel style HyperRoute roadways, cutting corners on building roads, building noob style skyscrapers, she is also known for building 2D style pixel art/statues. Flame is known for helping build roads, contributing to the server, and putting in hard work on projects she cares about with sole intent of getting the project done. Flame is a political activist.

Statement about Flame's projects

You must /mail me before building off of roadways I built. If you want to upgrade please ask me beforehand. If I'm not available please contact KingServal or Staff. Building roads off of my roadways without my permission is considered addition grief. Building houses are allowed. If you have ongoing projects in my town you can finish them if you were given permissions.

The admin team generally provides open permission to connect to the many cobblestone roads that cross the landscape. If you have questions, please contact any MCO admin. -The Admin Team

All towns and roadways built by Flame are now Free build. "I decided that designating all my towns and roadways as Free Builds would solve tensions within the communinity. I doubt that this will do any good though."- Flamehaze97

If you need to speak to Flame, please contact BillionPenny.

Hourly Milestones

1000 Hours Played on 2-14-2020

Flame got some help on her 1000th hour anniversary so Acsidol helped Flame out on her tunnel project for Phoenix Isles and they both covered roughly 2.5k-3k blocks with the help of Ascidol's god pickaxe :).

2000 Hours Played on 11-30-2020

Flame just be afking at spawn around this hour, talking with a few players around Midnight-1am.

1 Year Anniversary

Flamehaze97 drops by for her 1 year anniversary on June 13,2020 during her hiatus. Flame wouldn't be able to log on during the following years anniversaries.

Other Accounts

MCO Ranks

  • Donor II
  • Iron, formerly Stone


  • During mid February through early March 2020, Flame couldn't connect due to not having internet.
  • She took a brief break during March 2020.
  • On July 4th,2020, Flame left MinecraftOnline due to server drama and focused on irl stuffs.
  • On September 16, 2020, Flame came back to MCO to finish projects and focus more on exploring and socializing.
  • On October 7, 2020 ,after finishing half of her remaining projects, she took another hiatus until she had her internet installed in her home. She plans to be back on October 14,2020.
  • On October 23,2020, Flame focuses on the Elder Scrolls Online Witches Festival and finishing her character to Champion Level Cap and is on hiatus till November 3,2020. Flame came back early and has been hard at work making sure the remaining projects are finished.
  • During December 2020 and Early January 2021, Flame takes a partial hiatus to finish wikis.
  • Flame had two hiatuses in 2021, both being for indifferences with players. Flame left in September 2021 for indifferences with players, poor mental health, in protest against the migration to Microsoft, and her gender transition.
  • Flame took minor hiatuses for irl stuffs and breaks in Summer 2022.

Leaving MCO

  • On July 29, 2022, Flame would leave MCO for the final time after an incident in chat between another player. Said player, who Flame will omit, slandered Flame over anti-semetic attacks by a player who is now a moderator that happened two years prior of which she was forced to defend herself. Flame spoke to a fellow Jewish player and admin who refused to help her, which made Flame feel betrayed by staff and therefore she lashed out and said things to the staff member and their friend. Said player who brought this up again, upset and embarrassed Flame, which forced Flame to log out and delete their Lunar Client which they used to play Minecraft. Said player bragged in chat about how easy it is for them to stir up drama. Flame came back to MCO because BillionPenny needed help with something in game. Flame would later go on to finish and start new projects. Which when said player attacked them in chat forced Flame to leave permanently. Flame also left MCO over the Chat Report feature and how players have been able to report others on older versions. Flame was angered by this decision amongst Minecraft's developers and Microsoft. She already had little trust in the MCO community and felt that the community would betray her and get her banned over what she said and her views. Flame doesn't trust Microsoft because they have overstepped their bounds as a company and are targeting specific groups online, which has forced her to start using Arch Linux based Garuda Linux as her daily driver and gaming operating system due to lack of trust with Microsoft which she started using not long after leaving MCO. The migration to Microsoft left players like Flame using third party clients to play Minecraft. She lastly left MCO because of constant attacks towards her builds and her views. These attacks forced her to stop talking in chat unless it was for projects due to lack of trust of the community. In her opinion, she believes free speech in MCO is already dead and has been for several months. She was unable to convey her opinions to other players and therefore was attacked for her views, this was especially true for her political views. The attacks were verbal in chat, threats of PVP which would leave the attacker banned under PVP rules, slanderous signs, addition grief, destruction of Flame's builds, etc. The attacks eventually led to Flame losing trust in the community and staff and losing interest in MCO. Prior to the incident in July 2022, Flame deep down wanted a reason to leave the server, however, she wanted to continue building in the server hoping someone would enjoy her builds. Flame was tired of trying to justify herself to others who couldn't care less what she thought. Flame was tired of seeing malicious idealogies splitting online communities apart and painting good people as bad because that's what their manifesto/agenda preaches. Flame's road got attacked because she built in noob styles, mainly styles that were popular in the early years of Minecraft. Flame attempted to improve on her builds but still got attacked by players. All of the attacks affected Flame's mental health as well. Flame was a huge advocate for free speech. Flame would later move on from Minecraft and focus on other endeavors in her life. She would continue to work with specific players like BillionPenny and Ahri_29 via Telegram and email. She would find out months after her departure from MCO about continued harassment of other players in the community and two players speaking out about it. Flame hopes that her legacy lives on within the community in some form and regrets being open with the community and coming to play on MCO.

What She Likes

Groups she is in

  • United States of Bedrocco, former Bedrocco Empire- Mayor of Dragon River Peak City and Governor of Cascadia Wood
  • MCO Crusaders- 2nd Fit Invasion of April 4th, 2020
  • Cascadia Wood Republic, now defunct
  • Union of kpan settlements-Annexed Cascadia Wood Territories and then annexed themselves into Bedrocco.
  • Freedonia Road Co.- Vice President, as of Late March 2022, resigned several times for mental health reasons and indifferences with players. Regained position during spring/summer 2020 before resigning again on July 26, 2022.
  • Peaceful Society, due to being owner of Cliff City, later left after Flame handed Cliff City over to staff.

Player Homes

  • Dragon River Peak City- MAIN HOME
  • Yellow Temple- First Home
  • Spawn 2 Story Home in Forest Valley- Removed by Flame and was heavily griefed during ZetaSSJ Invasion
  • Spawn Vacation Cabin near Arecibo and New Atlanta
  • Jibtopia
  • Phoenix Isles Apartment
  • Catini Catra w/horse stable
  • Sand Island (2 homes)
  • Las Vereno
  • Forrrest
  • Near Acacia Roads
  • Chunk Border/Cliffside Cabin near Takadokia and Vizima
  • Big Cabin near Flames Ferry and the former South Eastern World Border.
  • Newport
  • New Wood
  • Home along Diplomat Highway near Silver Lake
  • Pallet Town
  • Port Aida

Major Projects


Flame's Bans

  • New Eden and MCO Discord
  • IRC and Telegram, Flame doesn't understand Telegram because she's seen way worse posted on Telegram.
  • Wiki

Scraped Projects

  • BMW M3 GTR from Need For Speed Most Wanted (2005)
  • Shroom Port City near Fort Chewy

ThumbBeer and Flame canceling Shroom Port City project

  • Build home in Socorro and Embassies in Socorro
  • Las Vereno CWR Embassy Tower- There were other plans to build a cool creeper like the ones back towards spawn involving colored wool and possibly doing a LGBT themed build but these plans even the embassy tower were too ambitious.
  • Get Shop in New Wood operating as well as the ones in Dragon River
  • Acquire a shop space at Diamond Mall
  • Build home in Verico
  • Build home in New Snak City
  • build office in r9's building
  • build ad billboards all over every road and radar towers all over the map for mco radio, basically just roleplaying
  • frc spawn hq
  • Provide supplies to new players across the map.
  • Help server with roadways and loop road for Borderlands Nexuses
  • Upgrade exisiting roadways and purge others.
  • Explore MCO
  • Finish roadway to Milva from HyperRoute 35, remove bad sections.
  • Help staff rebuild Newport Highway
  • Help Heruvian Road Project
  • Build ad billboards
  • Many other projects that are omitted but instead listed on Flame's town wiki pages.

  • Work on Eagle Outpost and Cliff City- Will be given to the server


Flame's builds have been inspired by her explorations on another server, Minecart Rapid Transit. Although the quality of her roads did not always match the pictures below, these were some of her aspirations nonetheless. Permission has been given for the below screenshots to be included.


Odysee Streaming Channel

  • In Summer 2022, Flame had considered streaming over on her Odysee channel some MCO content. She wasn't sure what she wanted to stream and decided to eventually stream a tour of Freedonia. However, she later decided not to as Odysee and other alternative media sites have a bad reputation amongst the MCO community, despite popular Youtubers like SomeOrdinaryGamers and Optimus who use the site. In early November 2022, Flame would delete her Odysee channel and make a new one and retire from uploading gaming content and reuploading her favorite content creators videos ranging from political to tech stuff.
  • Flame, on February 12, 2023, was browsing the wiki like she normally does now that she has left the server. She found out about the Fitmc invasion of 2023 and investigated. She found out that there was an attack on MCO and was shocked to hear about it. She knows a little bit on internet safety and personally advocates for it. She's already angered at how Microsoft is running things and is extremely concerned about the future of MInecraft as a whole and other franchises under Microsoft's wing. She spoke to a good friend of hers who streams on Odysee as Cancel This Podcast, regarding the attack and asked him what his opinion was on it. CTP said the following: "I think a lot of what happened to Minecraft has to do with the failings of Microsoft as a company. Including this hack. It begs the question of "if Minecraft is this vulnerable under Microsoft's watch how safe is anyone who uses Windows?" A lot of what is going on since I left the server, while for the most part is really good for the server like new towns, roadways, and builds, Microsoft clamping down on free speech, placing player's safety at risk, or even the other things they've done outside the Minecraft franchise, proves that Microsoft as a company is not to be trusted and communities online need to step up their game in protecting player bases or let alone server stability. Shoutout to staff, even tho we've had our indifferences, they've fought hard to make the server enjoyable since 2010. Flamehaze97 2-12-2023 "


See Flamehaze97 Gallery for a full archive of pictures