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User Flamehaze97

Fox Skin :)

Known as Flame, Lilith
Gender Female
Location United States
DOB 1997-07-10
In Freedonia
First joined 13 June 2019
First building Camden Parkway August 2019
Donor level ** Stone
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Statement about Flame's projects

You must /mail me before building off of roadways I built. If you want to upgrade please ask me beforehand. If I'm not available please contact KingServal or Staff. Building roads off of my roadways without my permission is considered addition grief. Building houses are allowed. If you have ongoing projects in my town you can finish them if you were given permissions.

The admin team generally provides open permission to connect to the many cobblestone roads that cross the landscape. If you have questions, please contact any MCO admin. -The Admin Team

Hourly Milestones

1000 Hours Played on 2-14-2020

Flame got some help on her 1000th hour anniversary so Acsidol helped Flame out on her tunnel project for Phoenix Isles and they both covered roughly 2.5k-3k blocks with the help of Ascidol's god pickaxe :).

2000 Hours Played on 11-30-2020

Flame just be afking at spawn around this hour, talking with a few players around Midnight-1am.

1 Year Anniversary

Flamehaze97 drops by for her 1 year anniversary on June 13,2020 during her hiatus.


  • During mid February through early March 2020, Flame couldn't connect due to not having internet.
  • She took a brief break during March 2020.
  • On July 4th,2020, Flame left MinecraftOnline due to server drama and focused on irl stuffs.
  • On September 16, 2020, Flame came back to MCO to finish projects and focus more on exploring and socializing.
  • On October 7, 2020 ,after finishing half of her remaining projects, she took another hiatus until she had her internet installed in her home. She plans to be back on October 14,2020.
  • On October 23,2020, Flame focuses on the Elder Scrolls Online Witches Festival and finishing her character to Champion Level Cap and is on hiatus till November 3,2020. Flame came back early and has been hard at work making sure the remaining projects are finished.
  • During December 2020 and Early January 2021, Flame takes a partial hiatus to finish wikis.

What She Likes

Groups she is in

  • United States of Freedonia, former Bedrocco Empire- Mayor of Dragon River Peak City and Governor of Cascadia Wood
  • MCO Crusaders- 2nd Fit Invasion of April 4th, 2020
  • Cascadia Wood Republic
  • Freedonia Road Co.- Vice President, resigned January 4,2021 but roads are still under FRC protection.
  • Peaceful Society, due to being owner of Cliff City

Player Homes

  • Dragon River Peak City- MAIN HOME
  • Yellow Temple- First Home
  • Spawn 2 Story Home in Forest Valley
  • Spawn Vacation Cabin near Arecibo and New Atlanta
  • Jibtopia
  • Phoenix Isles Apartment
  • Catini Catra w/horse stable
  • Sand Island (2 homes)
  • Las Vereno
  • Forrrest
  • Near Acacia Roads
  • Chunk Border/Cliffside Cabin near Takadokia and Vizima
  • Big Cabin near Flames Ferry and the South Eastern World Border.
  • Newport
  • New Wood
  • Home along Diplomat Highway near Silver Lake
  • Home in massive forest Click- Project Cancelled

Major Projects


Scraped Projects

  • Player's (The character you play as on NFSMW and Carbon as well as the Underground series is named Player in the NFS fanbase) BMW M3 GTR from Need For Speed Most Wanted (2005)
  • Shroom Port City near Fort Chewy

ThumbBeer and Flame canceling Shroom Port City project

  • Build home in Socorro and Embassies in Socorro
  • Las Vereno CWR Embassy Tower- There were other plans to build a cool creeper like the ones back towards spawn involving colored wool and possibly doing a LGBT themed build but these plans even the embassy tower were too ambitious.
  • Get Shop in New Wood operating as well as the ones in Dragon River
  • Acquire a shop space at Diamond Mall
  • Build home in Verico
  • Build home in New Snak City
  • Build rest area at New Eden exit of HyperRoute 15- Flame decided to split HyperRoute 15 into two with help from Freedonia Road Co. see Project TheDemetri and several others including Void and Darkrai all voted against the Acacia Roads road connection due to Flame's lack in Minecraft road building skills. But did commend her on her efforts and hard work helping to provide the server with traversable roads linking several towns despite the quality.
  • roadway connecting milva and hyperroute 35 along world border
  • lift syre highlands, hyperroute 10 from las vereno to jibtopia
  • get staff to remove obstruction of flames ferry
  • connect unknown valley to roadway
  • fix newport highway roadway in newport
  • build office in r9's building and frc building in newport
  • build mushroom in dragon river for shroom port
  • build ad billboards all over every road and radar towers all over the map for mco radio
  • notify new quebec players to clean up exit
  • statue park frc new snak city: snaky, serval, bloo, and flame
  • house in the big tree area near leahs house
  • finish dirt job in phoenix isles
  • check new wood hwy signage
  • frc spawn hq
  • Provide supplies to new players across the map.
  • Edit and update wikis
  • Exploring MCO

  • Help expand PI landmass further- Anna_28 will most likely expand the island herself so Flame is not concerned with this project.
  • Prepare for 1.12.2 - Because Flame plans on leaving MCO in December if not earlier in November 2020.
  • Work on Eagle Outpost and Cliff City- Will be given to the server upon leaving MCO as the town will officially have no owner again and be a ghost town.

  • Fort Camden Hwy after update
  • Fort Camden after update and surround village to protect generated village from grief.
  • Extend HyperRoute 15 and 35 past world border after update. -These projects will be worked on under Freedonia Road Co. or may be abandoned.


See Flamehaze97 Gallery for a full archive of pictures