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green_meeting+places.png Clubhouse
2014-11-29 21.05.26.jpg

Moonrise over Clubhouse

Owner TBSliver
Contributors ampqre, SlowRiot (work on the moat)
Category Meeting Places
Underground? No
Public? Yes
Completed Late 2010
Size north to south 80m
Size west to east 80m
Height 60m
Coordinates X=-893
Dimension Overworld
Map Link

The Clubhouse was once the largest construction on the server, and to date remains one of the largest enclosed buildings in Freedonia. It was started before Notch implemented server side inventory. Comprising of 4 floors stretching from ground level to the highest build layer, there is the large ground floor, 4 large rooms on the 2nd floor, a farm, and a viewing platform at the top constructed of glass. The building is surrounded by a deep moat, and is lit internally by 9 lava lamps made of glass.


Next to the clubhouse is the Warehouse, a public area for storage. This is currently a work in progress.