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User TBSliver

Manny Calavera

Gender Male
Location England
Nationality English
In Freedonia
First joined 17 August 2010
First building Clubhouse
Kit level ***** Diamond
Legacy donor level ***** Diamond
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Unofficial master Architect

Creator of the Clubhouse & Adjoining Warehouse

Also credited with the creation of the MinecraftOnline_Radio!

Ex-moderator, demoted due to inactivity in September 2014.

Current Build Projects

Currently, I'm working on an epic-sized new building in the vicinity of the new Nexus area. More details and pictures to come!

Trinity Hall

Banhammer Commandments

'And on the 8th day, the great lord Slowriot did say:
Let this Hammer of Banning light the way through the grief
and forever show that no forgiveness is given for that,
the most heinous of Minecraft crimes.
May thy code be Notch free :P'