Drum City Station

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blue_railwaystations.png Drum City Station
Drum City Station (Outside).png

Main entrance of the station

Owner Freedonia Railway System
Station Code DrumCity
Underground? No
Public? Yes
Coordinates X=-344
Dimension Overworld
Settlement Drum City
Map Link

Drum City station is a railway station located both on Freedonia Railway Occidantal Line and on the Great Northern Line in Drum City

Station structure

The station is situated on the ground level outside the great wall of the city. A passage bored through the wall permit the access to the station from the city

The station was built into the old Watch House of Drum City

a unique track launch and recieve minecart from the station. a junction with an Cart Sorting redirect carts on the right line by users tickets


Inside the building station we can find:

  • Automatic cart launch / recieve
  • Ticket vending machines for each directions and lines
  • Waiting Rooms
  • Publics Furnaces and Crafting table
  • Public Storage Chest
  • Tickets return box
Inside the station
Ticket Service