Eclipse Corp HQ

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green_commercial.png Eclipse Corp HQ
2020-01-13 14.32.01.png

Front View of Eclipse HQ

Owner Chewy27_
Contributors Anna_28, Jibletz, Bowbee, IvanLeshev
Category Commercial
Underground? No
Public? Yes
Completed 1/10/2020
Size north to south 37m
Size west to east 37m
Height 75m
Coordinates X=-4375
Dimension Overworld
Settlement Phoenix Isles
Map Link

The Eclipse Corp HQ is the main base of operations for Eclipse Corp built by Chewy27_ with materials supplied by Anna_28 and Jibletz.

The first floor of the building houses the Eclipse Bank, where players can arrange for their valuables to be held by Eclipse Corp for safekeeping, while the owner of the bank ( Chewy27_) doesn't have a good record of keeping items safe, we can assure you that your items will be safe here as the building has a craftbook lock-down procedure that automatically activates at night, locking the staff entrances, blocking off the main door and even putting barriers at the front desks. The items are kept in a vault in the back of the room with a complex piston door. Players can also use the enderchest in the room as an ATM. The second floor of the building holds the main trash storage vault where useless items are kept. Above this is the 3rd floor with the premium office spaces, including Chewy27_'s office, Anna_28's office, Firehammer55's Office and IvanLeshev's Office. The room also contains a large meeting table with a glass floor to see the vault below. The 4th floor houses slightly bigger offices including Bowbee's Office of peace and Inspector_Foix's Storage room. The next 2 floors above contain mazes that lead to the the 7th floor which currently is empty along with the floors above.