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User Jibletz
Known as Jibletz, Jibz
Gender Male
Nationality United States
DOB 1997-08-27
Occupation Minecraft :P
In Freedonia
First joined 26th October, 2015
Staff member Moderator
Donor level ** Donor II
Kit level ***** Aether
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Jibletz standing in front of his new casino.


"All hail glorious leader Jibletz!" - PlagueDoc1600


Jibletz, Previously known as Sir_Red_Player and Jibletz_124, is a Moderator on MCO. Jibletz is the Crowned Emperor King of Jibtopia, and Rules alongside Queen Thaelo. Jib can often be found terraforming the lands of Jibtopia and surrounding areas, as well as patrolling the lands of Freedonia and banishing griefers to the land beyond.



The Magmadome was the first project that Sir_Red was payed to work on. While up late at night hanging around RudyChristina7, Red was approached by jakedakiller13 with a proposal. Sir_Red was paid in the form of an Iron Level Donation by jakedakiller13 to excavate some of the interior of the Magmadome.

Square of Doom

The Square of Doom is a massive 1025x1025 block square wall surrounding Tedster Island. Sir_Red was payed by Xyginator a total of 64 Diamond Blocks to finish what remained of the walls.

Treetown Mega-Grinder

The Treetown Mega-Grinder is one of the largest Grinders on the map. At its peak it was one of the most popular places server-wide to go for everyone's exp fix.


Jibletz is the Founder and Emperor King of Jibtopia

Jibtopia Castle

This Monument to the Might of Jib was built almost entirely by Jibletz himself. The base structure of the castle took almost 2 weeks of painstaking block placement to complete. Even Anna_28 herself praised that Jibtopia Castle is "Possibly the Best Castle on MCO"