Extreme Hills Station

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green_railway+stations.png Extreme Hills Station
Bridge on Extreme Hills Station.png

View from the front

Owner getplayerhead.sh?Inspector_Foix&16.png Inspector_Foix
Contributors getplayerhead.sh?Potaido&16.png Potaido
Category Railway Stations
Underground? yes
Public? Yes
Started 01 April 2016
Completed 01 July 2016
Size north to south 48m
Size west to east 71m
Height 76m
Coordinates X=-4301
Dimension Overworld
Map Link

Due East from North Nexus 1

This station is made with Stone Bricks, Stone Bricks Stairs, Glass, Oak Fence, and Birch Wood Planks.

A walkway is in the process of being made. Currently there are no destinations on this walkway besides a stable that is mostly finished. Sorry for any and all inconvenience.

This station also links up to a number of stations.


Mining Depot, Sky Lab, Airstation, Emrys Station, Mocking Station, Ledger Point Station, Anna Station, and Horizon Peaks Train Stop


Midway Junction, and Hustation


Port Dome Station

This station is also accepting donations for new stations down the line North. Any help is welcome. Donation Bin is located at the platform level on the top most level. Thank you

Bridge on Extreme Hills Station.png


Donation Bin.png

Donation Bin

Porch Extreme Hillls Station.png


Upper Level North South.png

Upper level Departure and Arrival

Lower Level East.png

Lower Level Departure and Arrival