Mocking Station

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green_railway+stations.png Mocking Station
Mocking Station Entrance A.png

View from the front

Owner Marques_Foix
Contributors SailBird
Category Railway Stations
Underground? Yes
Public? Yes
Started 01 November 2016
Completed December 2016
Size north to south 7m
Size west to east 33m
Height 24m
Coordinates X=-193
Dimension Overworld
Map Link

Surface access points are being relocated and remodeled - No access points on surface for the time being

This Station is North-North West from North Nexus 3.

This station is made with Cobble Stone, Cobble Stone Stairs, and Glass.

A walkway is finished between here through Horizon Peaks Train Stop. Walkway is made out of stone slabs, and stone bricks that rests roughly 3 above the rails. Tunnels are made out of stone slabs with oak slabs, along with stone bricks and red stone lamps. Every tunnel and walkway is horse friendly and have stables of sorts at nearly every station.

As the walkway is not completely finished, I ask that everyone uses caution while at Mocking Station as the tunnel is still under construction.

This station also links up to a number of stations. The name was based on AyeMockingBird's name, which has since changed to SailBird


Ledger Point Station, Anna Station, and Horizon Peaks Train Stop


Emrys Station, Airstation, Sky Lab, Mining Depot, Extreme Hills Station, and Port Dome Station.

South West:

Midway Junction, and Hustation

Mocking Station Entrance A.png

Mocking Station Entrance A.

Mocking Station Platform.png

Platform level at Mocking Station