Horizon Peaks Train Stop

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green_railway+stations.png Horizon Peaks Train Stop
2019-01-02 18.34.59.png
Owner getplayerhead.sh?Marques_Foix&16.png Marques_Foix
Contributors getplayerhead.sh?Rufas&16.png Rufas, +6
Category Railway Stations
Completed On going
Coordinates X=6239
Dimension Overworld
Map Link

Horizon Peaks Stop is a sky scraper that is located near 6239, 63, -8235. Size is unknown as it reaches from near Bed Rock to Sky build limit.

Nearest warp is Rutopia and nearest Nexus is Gastle (Red) 2.

Mats used to date include but not limiting, Spruce wood, Spruce Stairs and glass.

This station also have a walking path to Mocking Station that is fully finished and functional with 2 landmarks that are finished and/or changed over time per Halloween changes.

Donations and ideas are welcome.

As this station is not 100% finished, all outside glass is in place with stairs and a small food farm up the stairs with mob farm below sea level.

Thank you for your patience as this is an on-going project with no estimated time of completion. It has been started in or around 2015-2016.

This station also links up to a number of stations.


None at this time, possible links in the future. Sorry for any inconvenience.

South East:

Midway Junction, and Hustation


Mining Depot, Extreme Hills Station, and Port Dome Station


Sky Lab, Emrys Station, Mocking Station, Ledger Point Station, and Anna Station


Please note, this section is still under construction and pictures will be added in throughout the course of the station construction. Some pictures may be the same in the process Before:


2019-01-02 18.34.59.png


2019-01-02 18.34.59.png