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nexus_agricultural.png Warp Farm
Warp Farm (temp).jpg

Land of Farms

Founder Unknown
Contributors Void42_, Krenath, others
Category Agricultural
Underground? No
Public access? Yes
Public build? No
Size north to south 199m
Size west to east 199m
Road link? No
Nexus link? Yes
Rail link? No
Boat link? No
Portal? No
Coordinates X=-3155
Dimension Overworld
Map Link

The purpose of Warp Farm is to make finding food and some resources easier for all players, primarily new players.

Some bees buzzing around the Farm.

Warp Farm includes all colors of Sheep, and most crops and farm animals, as shown here.

Farm Layout
  Cactus Light Blue Sheep Pig Magenta Sheep Orange Sheep Rabbit† White Sheep Cactus  
Yellow Sheep Cocoa Wheat Pumpkin Melon Sugar Canes Cocoa Black Sheep
Chicken* Sugar Canes Carrots Potatoes Beetroot Carrots Wheat Chicken
Lime Sheep Melon Beetroot Building and ponds Potatoes Pumpkin Red Sheep
Pink Sheep Pumpkin Potatoes Beetroot Melon Green Sheep*
Cow Wheat Carrots Beetroot Potatoes Carrots Sugar Canes Cow
Gray Sheep Cocoa Sugar Canes Melon Pumpkin Wheat Cocoa Brown Sheep
Cactus Light Gray Sheep Pig Cyan Sheep Purple Sheep Rabbit† Blue Sheep Cactus
  Nether Wart  
* Unlike all other mobs in Warp Farm, these do not have a custom name; likely an oversight.
† These two mob pens were originally set to Rabbit, but are currently set to spawn unnamed pigs; likely done by an player with teleportation commands.

Rules for adding new farms to the warp

Due to the warps accessibility, any requests to add Iron farms, Gold farms, or a mob grinder will be turned down as the intent is not to completely remove the necessary effort to play survival.

To get permission to add a farm to the warp, you can ask an admin for permission to add your suggested farm to the warp. You can also ask a moderator about the addition of farms to warp farm, although you will need an admin to modify the permissions to allow modification once you get the go ahead to build the farm.

Minimum requirements for new farms

  1. They cannot be fully automatic farms. Any crop farms are requested to include Craftbook Planter IC's to avoid the farms from being drained
  2. No mob grinders
  3. No Iron or Gold farms


The construction for the farm platform was started 2 years ago by Void42_, The project was started as the top layer of a 3 tiered megabuild with different uses on the underground, surface and sky platform. Krenath mentioned his interest in replacing the spawn farms with a warp to declutter spawn and streamline the navigation towards public farms for new players. Upon finding out about this shared idea the decision was made to officially make the new warp on the platform.