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User Void42_

the corner headed fool

Known as Void, Neo
Gender no
Location somewhere on the map
Nationality yes
DOB /2003-/09-17
Occupation no
In Freedonia
First joined 7 October 2019
First building I have no fucking clue
Staff member Moderator
Donor level * Donated
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I mean, I guess I play here on occasion

One of the founding members of I. (pronounced Idot) Along with Vecxin, TwitchyBeanz, and Dianthiauwu.

The Day the server went into madness, Void42_ could be found removing all the grief that were builds, and yet alas, Void42_ only allows such chaos of self to show on such special occasions as the april fools event of 2020

Y'all are upside down not I

Times people called me an alt

28/01/2020 Eclypto18 Void is my alt

28/01/2020 Bawest void = Githis alt confirmed

01/02/2020 MrSlimeDiamond Void is alt of SlowRiot

02/02/2020 WaffleNomster void is an alt

02/02/2020 TheDemetri Void is an alt of dumb

28/02/2020 1Catnip Void is Githis alt

when the cold brew hits
when the hot brew hits

Here's some factoids for ya's

Joined mco just because I could, nothing more nothing less now keep readin dammit.

There is no likes and dislikes category, fuck you for trying to know me without meeting me first

Can be easily found in a voice chat somewhere in this realm

My builds are always named within the concepts of chaos and despair, no reason, just kinda feel like naming them that

Never noticed any block lag, either I'm too fast to notice, or I'm too laggy in da bren to feel it - I vote for the latter option

I'm bilingual dammit i speaka da franche and za Ingles

Not necessarily a troll by nature but don't piss me off, you won't like it, I won't like it, it's also just a dick move

Runs an underground shady business, where you may find what you're looking for at a low price no i dont >.>

A funny interrogation that happened Void42_ ZcKain_ ZoKain_ ??? Void42_ ZcKain_, why did you break that wool above that chest ZoKain_ No Void42_ yes ZoKain_ no

ZoKain_ runs off into the sunset
ZoKain_ gets pulled into interrogation ZoKain_ Wtf Void42_ no, we will talk, you not getting to run off ZoKain_ And? Void42_ now, why the hell did you break that wool? ZoKain_ idk Void42_ yes you do ZoKain_ idk Void42_ idk about keeping you around if udk Void42_ ah, the silent treatment i see

things get frenchy ZoKain_ rien a foutre

(Translation) nothing to do Void42_ ah, un francais

(Translation) ah, a french ZoKain_ :) Void42_ maintenant, pourquoi avez vous brisé la laine

(Translation) now, why did you break that wool ZoKain_ Pourquoi tu demandes? Tu devrais le savoir non?

(Translation) Why do you ask? you should know should you not? Void42_ ZoKain_ bien sûre je connais pourquoi, mais tu semblais pas connaître pourquoi

(Translation) ZoKain_ of course I know why, but you didn't seem to know why ZoKain_ Bah si tu sais me pose pas la question et dit moi juste arrete de grief

(Translation) Bah if you know don't ask me the question and just tell me not to grief Void42_ ZoKain_ connait tu les rêgles

(Translation) ZoKain_ do you know the rules ZoKain_ Ouais c'est bon j'ai reposés apres

(Translation) Yes it's good I rested afterwards Void42_ ZoKain_ peut tu me les répétez comme si j'étais idiote?

(Translation) ZoKain_ can you repeat the rules to me as if I was an idiot? ZoKain_ Void42_ t'es pas idiot pas besoin de te les rappeller :)

(Translation) Void42_ you're not an idiot no need to repeat them to you :) Void42_ ZoKain_ ce n'est pas le point du qestion

(Translation) ZoKain_ that isn't the point of the question ZoKain_ Void42_ c kwa la kecstionterribly typed out "c'est quoi la question"

(Translation) Void42_ what's the question Void42_ peut tu me repetez les regles comme si je suis idiote

(Translation) can you repeat the rules to me as if i was an idiot ZoKain_ Non

(Translation) No ZoKain_ Je connais les règles je voulais juste verifier si il y avait du stuff point

(Translation) I know the rules I just wanted to see if there was stuff point Void42_ biens, répète moi les rêgles d'abbord

(Translation) good, then repeat to me the rules already ZoKain_ ton répète

(Translation) you repeat Void42_ non

(Translation) no Dorn284 joins the battle Dorn284 ZoKain, answer Void. ZoKain_ dorn284 ptdr t'es qui

(Translation) dorn284 ptdr who are you ZoKain_ Void42_ pas grief :) Heureux?

(Translation) Void42_ no grief :) Happy? Dorn284 I'm an admin. Answer Void. ZoKain_ dorn284 balec

(Translation) dorn284 ballsack ZoKain_ was hit with the banhammer!

Typos of my name


12/01/2020 bazookaboy13 literelly what it says viod

04/02/2020 Limewire Viod is still a virgin staff member, try not to fuck him

16/04/2020 A_Duck1216 bruh im litteraly starving Viod

07/05/2020 Dread_Nova sponsore b viod co.


06/02/2020 1Catnip Bye voi

07/02/2020 CleetusChan yo voi

11/02/2020 DontMuteMePls VOI

23/02/2020 YourSelft487 Morning Voi

29/02/2020 1Catnip Voi long time no see

25/03/2020 Vecxin Im gonna go Sexcon mode if I see voi in a hazmat suit


08/02/2020 DorpEngineer vois is my gate too big?

21/02/2020 FlyingJellyfish Can you imagine being vois

24/02/2020 DorpEngineer Vois?

18/02/2020 vauhallmadman Calm Vois, we all know yoo are special

(Whoever wrote this part made a typo in vauxhallmadman's name. As a joke, I'm not going to correct it.)


15/04/2020 HY_Turkic hey Vuid


16/02/2020 ThomasSteve83 void24?

16/02/2020 Void42_ who is void24, can i stab them :P

16/02/2020 ThomasSteve83 void24 u know my cave?

05/03/2020 Beeraeka is Void42_ related to void24

26/03/2020 WEEFOXMAN Void24 the fire is gone But i didnt touch it


25/01/2020 muldore Vod42, he broke and replaced a trapdoor on something I built, I'm fine with that.

10/04/2020 Kotobuki_ Vod42? I have read the rules. I know but I'm sometimes miss click. Now do not speak with me Void42_

Pictures of things

Coming soon to a meth lab near you!