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User Void42_

the cornerhead

Known as Void
Gender no
Location somewhere on the map
Nationality yes
DOB 0-00-0
Occupation no
In Freedonia
First joined 7 October 2019
First building tba
Staff member Moderator
Donor level * Donated
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go with the flow, strive to exist in the vibes.

Factz Dread_Nova's partner in crime when it comes to Structural integrity on builds

Large builds are my thing, working on small builds doesn't keep me interested in the game.

When I start a project, I stay dedicated the whole way through. See Farm, which is located on the top of a now 2 year old mega project that goes down to the bedrock floor.

I sketch out multiple designs for my projects, and plan out rough layouts before starting them.

Likes to hang around with other players on MCO, and doesn't take their moderator position seriously to a point of coldness. I likes to joke around and have fun

Times people called me an alt

28/01/2020 Eclypto18 Void is my alt

28/01/2020 Bawest void = Githis alt confirmed

01/02/2020 MrSlimeDiamond Void is alt of SlowRiot

02/02/2020 WaffleNomster void is an alt

02/02/2020 TheDemetri Void is an alt of dumb

28/02/2020 1Catnip Void is Githis alt

this is a segment with information

Joined mco just because I could, nothing more nothing less now keep readin dammit.

There is no likes and dislikes category, fuck you for trying to know me without meeting me first

My builds are always named within the concepts of chaos and despair, no reason, just kinda feel like naming them that

Never noticed any block lag, either I'm too fast to notice, or I'm too laggy in da bren to feel it - I vote for the latter option

I'm bilingual dammit i speaka da franche and za Ingles

Not necessarily a troll by nature but don't piss me off, you won't like it, I won't like it, it's also just a dick move

Runs an underground shady business, where you may find what you're looking for at a low price no i dont >.>

Pictures of things

I have no photography