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User Void42_

the corner headed fool

Known as Void, Neo
Gender no
Location somewhere on the map
Nationality yes
DOB na-na-na
Occupation no
In Freedonia
First joined 7 October 2019
First building I have no fucking clue
Donor level * Donated
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On MCO, good people go to waste

I was a moderator for a while, MCO was appealing to me, it was an escape from a lot of my personal stress. This fact would later come back to haunt me as I was nearing the end of my time as a moderator.

I do not regret joining MCO, nor do I regret becoming a moderator on MCO, I have made many friends in my time. I did my best to make the server as best a place as I could make it for others.

I do not plan on making a return to the server for a while, as I have moved on. I am aware of the effect I have had on this community's players, moderators and admins and I am content with what I have done. But;

Here are some things to know about me

  1. I am not someone to honour.
  2. I am not someone to look up to.
  3. I am not someone to be respected.
  4. I am not someone to be seen or to see others differently for any reason.

While I am happy that many moderators and even admins had some high respect for my abilities as a moderator, I wish only that people use whatever respect they may have or had to be positive influences towards MCO's community.

There is one message to explain what I was left with feeling when I decided to move on from the server, and that is.

MCO is not a happy place, it is a saddened land with the mask of happiness over the top of its head

I hope people understand that this is not me saying you should not enjoy MCO, but rather as me sharing some things about my observations and what I was left with upon leaving the server.