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Nexus Portals The Portal Nexus is being constructed by Project Anubis. The goal is to have a network of portals across all of Freedonia.

The effort involved in maintaining rail lines over long distances, and in adding stations for new developments, is large, and has in some lesser travelled areas, been neglected. Broken rail and switching circuits have made travel on the Freedonia Railway System an unreliable method of visiting the far reaches of the server. The solution being provided by Project Anubis avoids these issues and has the potential to make travel faster and safer.

The Nexus is being done together with the Freedonia Government which has undertaken to create new local rail networks around each portal so that it becomes easier for people to work on, and to visit, new constructions anywhere in the map.

Project Anubis is ongoing (as of Dec 2018) but a variety of buildings have already been constructed and are marked on the map with an orange icon with a circle that resembles the schematic of the Nexus hubs. In addition the villages, towns, cities, and other map features that are Nexus destinations have an orange border around their green icons.

Nexus villages.png villages, Nexus towns.png towns, Nexus cities.png cities.