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green_houses.png Flamehaze97's Home
Owner getplayerhead.sh?Flamehaze97&16.png Flamehaze97
Category Houses
Public? No
Completed January 2020
Coordinates X=1047
Dimension Overworld
Settlement Dragon River Peak City
Map link

Flamehaze97's Second main and permanent home in Dragon River Peak City after she moved from her base in Yellow Temple/Sandy Bottom. The house is a nice looking cabin built next to a curve along Great Vera Highway and across from getplayerhead.sh?Netrom5&16.png Netrom5 Embassy of Assia. Also within access of a Ender Chest at the embassy and the Town's Second Nether Portal built by getplayerhead.sh?cafe7&16.png cafe7 just back up the road to the north near Airport Road and Blizzard Dragon Road. Flame will sometimes dump her other storage in the Dragon River City Warehouse 1st and 2nd floor chests, Annabelle Park 1st floor chests, and getplayerhead.sh?Cafi95&16.png Cafi95's home.

Left Screenshot from 1-12-2020

Home Features

  • The home features 5 floors.
  • The first floor is just your basic home with basic features every home has.
  • The second floor features the first floor of Flame's Manual Charcoal Smelt Station she uses when she needs torches for her projects. Literally just furnaces. Gotta love cobblestone lol.
  • The third is the same
  • The fourth floor features, a smaller smelt station to craft immediate blocks and what not, Echest,Level 30 Enchantment Table, Mines, and Flame's Personal Storage with two Password Protected Chests. Don't worry all her diamonds are in her echest :p. Also during the middle of April 2020, Flame updated her fourth floor access. It now has /mcx121 password protection.
  • The fifth floor is extra storage, offers access to Flame's lower mines, has two brewing stands, and private snow harvester. Also has a hot tub in the sub section of the 5th floor.

Note: Breaking wool will give staff a grief alert and you will most likely be banned.

Extra Features

  • Wheat Farm
  • Creeper and Fox Statues
  • Mooshroom Cow, Cow, Chicken, and Pig farm. Feel free to kill animals for food if u need any while traveling. "BREAKING SPAWNERS IS GRIEF AND U WILL MOST LIKELY BE BANNED AFTER DOING SO, SO DON'T BE STUPID!!!"- getplayerhead.sh?Flamehaze97&16.png Flamehaze97


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