Fort Boone Air Force Base

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green_complexes.png Fort Boone Air Force Base
2020-04-19 17.37.36.png

Fort Boone AFB near it's completion

Owner Flamehaze97
Category Complexes
Public? Yes
Started 4-5-2020
Completed December 2020
Coordinates X=1018
Dimension Overworld
Settlement Dragon River Peak City
Map Link

Fort Boone Air Force Base is a small Air Force Base that houses the best of United States of Freedonia's fighter pilots. They also specialize in Elytras. A few Elytras are available for use for the 1.12.2 update. Please contact Beeraeka and Flamehaze97 for access to the Elytras. All United States of Freedonia government officials are permitted to use the Elytras.