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Beeraeka is the best of us, and is an incredible human, despite being made mostly of beer. We should make him an admin immediately.

< Darkerfly> Beer is actually kinda funny

User Beeraeka


Known as Beer
Gender Sus
Location The Republic of Verico
Nationality Verican
DOB -11-6th
Occupation Chief Justice of Verico. Chief Editor at Verico Post.
In Freedonia
First joined 23rd April 2019
First building His house in Drocata Swamp
Staff member Moderator
Donor level * Donor
Kit level **** Gold
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[Written by cmb1100, and he tried to frame tyhdefu 😂] ^^^

ding ding ding ding ding ding ding ding ding ding

ok and

any askers

did I ask

[Written by tyhdefu] vvv

Critisism during presidency

Beeraeka has been accused of being too much like a dictator during his Verican presidency, by multiple different members of the community:

< SleeplessTheCat> Beer is a dictator
< HY_Turkic> for me, Beer is a dictator and a tyrant at once
< Leah_Starcraft> beer is no dictator
< Leah_Starcraft> Beer isnt a dictator
< snakyman> beer is dictator
< snakyman> Beer is just dictator
< Egypt95> beer is dictator
< 1Catnip> beer is dick taker


[Disclaimer] - The following are from community opinions, therefore are 100% correct at time of writing


[Disclaimer] - The following are from community opinions, therefore are 100% correct at time of writing

Interesting Facts

  • Beeraeka is comprised of 100% alcohol
  • Bedrock cannot speak, and therefore has never used a mic in public VC
  • Bedraeka seems self-conscious of their bedrock texture, it is possible that they have a misaligned pixel or similar but this is only speculation.
  • h
  • He clearly failed middle school Latin class, as evidenced by the last 2 poems
  • Beeraeka is SUS. He is the imposter confirmed, and he is AMOGUS.

[Written by tyhdefu & cmb1100] ^^^


"Joey McBricks At the Gate Part 1" by Beeraeka (Inspired by and partly a parody of Lays of the Ancient Rome by Thomas Babington Macaulay)

Beeraeka walks to his brown house

He meets McBricks Joey

"'Sup man, how you doin'?"

"Nothing much, bababooey"

"Would you like to go on a quest?"

"Solve the maze, steal things in Catnip's chest?"

"Oh, yes, that sure sounds nice"

But a great adventure oft comes with a high price

They walk to the maze, with tremendous bravery

They sure will show, who's the boss of this century

"Come on, man, we're almost there"

"Come on, man, Mcbricks Joey"

"I'm walking slowly, for I am wise"

But a great adventure oft comes with a high price

"Hey! Who goes there! Those two young men!"

Shouted the gatekeeper

"Oh, we're from Verico Post"

Shouted Beer, the news reporter

"Well, I know you. But here's what's precise,

A great adventure oft comes with a high price!"

Then out spake brave Joey McBricks,

The Captain of the Gate:

"To every man upon this earth

Death cometh soon or late;

And how can man die better

Than facing fearful odds,

For the ashes of his fathers,

And the temples of his gods?"

"Update" by Beeraeka

Is the update real?

Or is it not?

Have we all been tricked again

What have we got?

The songs that have been sung

Twelve bells thus have been rung

Were they for naught? Have they forgot?

Lest deceived our thoughts

Find truths we ought

For update, we sought

"The Raging Reynard" by Beeraeka

It took one fun Reynard to achieve

He could make all the people believe

His tales of the maker

Villainous and faker

He’d never ever try to deceive

"Kenny Boy" by Beeraeka

They call me Kenny Boy

Say I’m too scary for Illinois

Say I’m from an alien clan

In disguise, posing as a man

Some folks else, they call me God

But most folks just say I’m odd

Say I control the weather here

Say I can warp to where you’re near

Well, truth is, I’m just a fellow

Whose wand is kind of yellow

I am always here or there

Yes, you know, that I do care

Well, I’m just, looking out for you, working by the hour

So, I guess, I do have some kind of power

"The Big Man" by Beeraeka

Hey, how big is the Big Man, he who governs McO?

Hey, how big is the Big Man, does someone actually know?

Is he powerful? Is he very strong? I just hope that I’m not wrong

For suggesting that the Big Man will surely come along

Can he guard us against the wicked, and is he very wise?

Can he guide us through these strange times, and then fight he who denies?

Can he use his benevolent fist, or a hammer, or a gong?

Boy, do I hope, that the Big Man, will quickly come along

Oh, well, let us just calm down, lest our heads explode

Be not panic, be not scared, ‘cause he cares for his abode

He will surely use his faculties, to fight him like a kong

Yes, I do know, that the Big Man, will surely come along

"The Bedrock on McO" by Beeraeka

When I dream in my lonely nights, oh, I only dream of it

That great and strong big black block, oh, it makes me die a bit

How can one deny its epicness, greatest one of its kind

For the Bedrock on McO, is the best block you can find

When one locks their valuable chests, one does it with sheep's wool

But, of course, all the learned men, know that bedrock is the tool

The Bedrock cannot be destroyed, that's why you must bear in mind

That the Bedrock on McO, is the best block you can find

Unfortunately, it's illegal, because it's been decided so

No bedrock can be a possession, unless you're op, you know

So when you see one unnatural, please report to the adminkind

Even though the Bedrock on McO, is the best block you can find

"Verican Democracy" by Beeraeka

Someone once told me

VC's not democratic

Well, that's a big lie

I love Verico

Birthplace of democracy

of, here, Freedonia

"Sussus Amogus" by Beeraeka

Sussus Amogus

Optimus Opus


Discuss Venomous

"Sussus Amigus" by Beeraeka

Sussus Amigus

Dominus Sanctus

Sussus Amogus

Laudo Imposterem

Sussus Amigus

Dominus Sanctus

Sussus Amogus

Dominus Sanctus