Freedonia Road Co. Supply Depot

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green_complexes.png Freedonia Road Co. Supply Depot
2020-09-25 16.00.41.png

Supply Depot

Owner KingServal Flamehaze97 Freedonia Road Co.
Category Complexes
Public? Yes
Started 12-28-2019
Completed 9-25-2020 Repurposed
Coordinates X=852
Dimension Overworld
Settlement Dragon River Peak City
Map Link

On December 28th, 2019, Flamehaze97 and KingServal decided to build a Headquarters for the Borderland regions of Freedonia. Since Flame resided in Dragon River Peak City and worked on roads mainly in the Borderlands regions of Freedonia, she decided to build the headquarters as a small meeting place for fellow Freedonia Road Co. workers and staff. During Flame's hiatus from July 4,2020 to September 16,2020, the Southern HQ was moved to Newport. On September 25, 2020, the Old Southern HQ was repurposed as a Supply Depot.